Would you love to be wealthy, so you had more choices in life?

There are 2 things you need to do.

This is what I did to dramatically increase my income and wealth -and live my dream lifestyle in New Zealand’s pristine Southern Alps.

And they’ll likely work for you too when you use them.

Here are the steps.

Step 1 – develop an income-generating skill, you can do as a side hustle.

Step 2 – Invest in assets 

Let me explain how I used these 2 steps.

I was a government employee – I worked in the foreign affairs department for the New Zealand government.

And my husband was an accountant.

So, we weren’t badly off – but because house prices in my city were so expensive it still felt like we couldn’t get ahead.

Plus, I felt like I was missing out on seeing my kids growing up due to long hours at work – even though I was meant to be only working part-time!

So, I decided to develop my skill in a ‘side hustle’.

I looked at share trading and a few other things, but e-Commerce, specifically selling on Amazon made the most sense to me.

Every morning on the 20-minute bus ride to work, I’d work on my Amazon business and sharpen my skill in this area.

And before I knew it, I had quit my job, paid off the mortgage on a property – and was earning a super high income.

Since then this skill has allowed me to continue to buy great real estate assets and continue to have a great income.

That is the power of having an income-producing skill. 

Now, there’s plenty of these income-producing skills ‘side hustles’ you can look at.

  1. Running a social media agency
  2. Becoming a freelance copywriter
  3. Setting up a blog for affiliate income
  4. Dropshipping
  5. Share trading
  6. Even driving an Uber (I wouldn’t personally recommend this, as you can’t ever earn a high income doing this – and there’s no leverage – you only get paid when you drive).
  7. And of course, I love running an Amazon FBA business, because I love being able to effectively partner with Amazon in my wealth building

So, the secret is to pick one…increase your income…. then put what you earn into cash and wealth generating assets.

Because, let’s be clear. It’s not about the car you drive or clothes you wear.

Owning cashflow and wealth generating assets is true wealth.

But how much money do you have left over each month to buy assets from your day job after expenses and taxes? If you’re like most folks – not enough!

But what if you had a side hustle giving you an extra $10,000 per month you could invest?

How much faster could you achieve financial freedom?

Maybe over time you could grow that to $30,000 per month – then how much faster could you achieve financial freedom?

This is the key to wealth, that’s worked for me, and so many others.

If you want to follow the way I did it, then watch my free “Amazon Side Hustle Webinar”.

I’ll show you how I build Amazon businesses for amazing cashflow, then sell them for lump sums to pay off assets.

Then ‘rinse and repeat’ and do it all over again!

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