It’s amazing the sort of sales one simple Amazon product can potentially generate.

For example, here’s the estimated sales of 3 everyday Amazon products.

  1. Adjustable Wrist Brace – $120,000 Per Month
  2. Yoga Mat – $116,000 per Month
  3. Ladies Bag – $25,000 per Month


As you can see, Amazing volumes of sales are being done every day on Amazon on simple everyday products.

And, many of these sorts of products are quite easy to source from overseas suppliers in countries like China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong etc, when you know how.

Now, I am not saying rush out and source these particular products – these niches could be quite competitive now.

But I do want to inspire you to potentially find your own “big winner” Amazon products, as the results can be life changing.

Here’s a quick video to help you get started.

P.S You can check out the ‘Blue Sky’ Product Selection Formula Video here

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