Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have positively impacted the lives of billions.

Not just through their companies which have provided millions of jobs and products that have helped so many people.

But also through their philanthropy, giving away Billions of dollars towards helping prevent disease and poverty.

Here’s 2 of their daily habits that help them live their best life. Perhaps they can help you too.

1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the world’s most famous billionaires.

So, what’s the weird habit that he practically couldn’t do without?

Well, it’s swinging in a rocking chair.

For Gates, this is a meditative process that helps him solve all kinds of problems he might be facing.

Ever since college, Gates would sit in a rocking chair every time he encountered an overwhelming situation.

He states that it helps him reach a state of full clarity for assessing any situation rationally.

Just a few minutes in a rocking chair are enough for him to disconnect and figure out a tough situation.

Are you taking time out to reflect and think about your best way forward?

Are you feeding your brain with the best ideas to help you do that?

Here’s the key; if you’re always busy ‘doing stuff’ or plugged into your phone, the bright ideas won’t come. You need to disengage and give yourself time to reflect.

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2. Warren Buffett

To this day, Warren Buffett is the name that people associate with successful investors.

His ability to sustainably compound money into much more money through great investments is largely unrivaled.

His secret?

Reading 500 pages per day.

Yes, per day!

On its own, reading certainly isn’t a weird habit.

But the amount of information Buffet is able to process in one day is incredible.

What’s more, he read up to twice as much when he first started his career.

To say that he’s a focused reader would be the understatement of the century.

And, he reads in a “focused area” as well so as to maximise his investing potential – company reports etc.

What reading and research are you doing now to grow your wealth?

My challenge for you is to make everyday count as you grow your wealth and impact on society.

For example, I started my Amazon business on a 20-minute bus ride on the way to work.

Since then selling on Amazon has given me profits of up to $30,000 in a single month – and allowed me to sell as much as 121,000 units of a single product.

From little steps, big things grow.  Let’s get you moving.

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