One of the best ways to give yourself better perspectives and results in life is to ask better questions.

For example, Gary Keller, the founder of one of the world’s largest real estate companies asks this profound question:

What’s the one thing I could do today to make everything else easier or unnecessary?

Another great question is:

What’s the one thing I could do today that would make the rest of the year/day/week worthwhile?

Or… ‘If I could only work for 1 hour today, what would I do’?

These questions automatically free your mind from the clutter and focus you in on the highest value actions.

And, here’s a question to ask yourself when you’re going through a challenge:

What would this look like if it was easy?

Give yourself 2 or 3 minutes with a pen and paper to come up with answers to these questions each day.

And watch your life change, as they focus your mind in on more productive/high impact/high/income actions.

#1 Power Question for Amazon Sellers

One great question is ‘How can I find an Amazon product to sell on Amazon with healthy demand and low competition’ because that could potentially change your life, when you find one.


Now of course, not every product will sell like this breath spray – some will sell less, some will sell more.

But, in my experience, you can stack the odds in your favour by learning smart product selection strategies.


So, now Here’s A Video of My Top 3 Tips on Selecting Great Products to Help Maximise Your Success Potential

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