When are you starting out on Amazon, the biggest question is what are you going to sell?

You’re heading onto a platform that offers millions of products. You need to find something that will stand out and make a profit for your new business.

We can provide you with plenty of advice as to what you should sell.

But what about the products you need to avoid?

What are the signs that a product is riskier?

Here are three to keep in mind…

Sign #1 – It’s an Electronic Product

The simple fact is that electronic products come with a lot of challenges.

Your manufacturers have to put more time and effort into quality control, for one. That means you’re going to have to pay more for the product.

But worse than that, mechanical elements increase the chances of product faults. More faulty products mean you have to deal with more returns.

That’s bad for your bank balance and potentially for your reputation as a seller.

Sign #2 – Loads of People Sell it

It’s very difficult for new sellers to break into established niches.

You’ll likely fall by the wayside if there are pages people already selling the product you have in mind. And if there are several popular brands in that niche, you should forget about it.

My students tend to look for products with ‘reasonable demand’ but low competition. Much easier pickings.

Sign #3 – It Has Shipping Issues

Heavy products cost more to ship. The same goes for large products.

And as for fragile products…let’s just say that the possible customer complaints aren’t worth the hassle.

The simple point here is that shipping complications cost money. You want something that’s light, small, and easy to pack.

I hope that helps you on your Amazon journey.

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