Today, the Internet provides countless opportunities to succeed and make an impact.

So, it’s crazy not give it a shot and find your place in the online world.

New big ideas and businesses sprout up every day – so why not join take the first step to joining ranks?

This is what the late internet legend and activist Aaron Swartz did in co-founding Reddit.

Through innovative ideas and an airtight strategy, Swartz got into the game and helped completely changed it.

Reddit became a gigantic platform for millions of people to share whatever’s on their mind.

So, let’s take a look at his best advice. Let’s start with these three.

1. Always Be Questioning

Swartz explains that you can’t live in this world as dictated by others. You should never blindly follow and accept other people’s ideas. On the contrary, you need to rethink everything and always keep learning.

With this mindset, Swartz recognised the many issues in the world back then. He realised that he could change some of them to be better. He gave people something completely new and was rewarded for his innovative thinking.

What belief or assumption have you heard that you could question, to give you a new world view?

2. Test Your Ideas in the Real World

You might think the world of your business idea. But what if others disagree? If your target market doesn’t share your vision, it will never become a profitable business.

This is why Swartz says that you must always put your ideas into practice and test them. Your audience is like a massive focus group. Listen to your customers and take their feedback seriously.

This is what I love to do – I’ve launched over 500 products on Amazon. I let the winners run, and cut the losers fast!

3. Be Passionate and Excited About It

Swartz always pushed forward because he was truly excited about Reddit. He wanted to bring people together and let them connect on a deeper level. At the same time, he wanted to change the way people find information and make it much easier.

As a result, his platform skyrocketed to where it is today. His passion facilitated his big ideas, which people absorbed like a sponge.

A truly inspiring person and a light for many of us to follow.

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