What can be possible on Amazon when a product takes off?

Well, sales growth can be truly amazing because of Amazon’s enormous customer base – 100 million + in the USA alone.

Take Spencer H. for example.

In one of his peak months, he made as much as $40,639 through selling on Amazon.

Of course, we’re talking about the revenue here.

When you subtract all the costs, his reported profit was lower but a highly respectable $16,225.

He sold five different products that month with profit margins of up to 29% to 46%.

The most amazing part? He mentions he achieved these margins in 6 months or less.

In this situation, you have multiple ways to grow your income.

You can find more products to sell – or sell more of your existing products through clever promotions.

You can also sell on more platforms – like eBay and Shopify. Or even sell on Amazon in different countries.

Or, you can even raise your prices in some instances.

So many options are available – but first, you need to find the product to get started with.

And, then I believe the sky is really the limit…for your income and your lifestyle.

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