You wouldn’t believe the crazy products folks are selling on Amazon for extra income…

Try these on for size….

  1. A bacon scented moustache. Yours for just $4.07. You didn’t know you needed it until now.
  2. A peanut butter and jelly of the month club. Yes, they send your peanut and jelly sandwich direct to your door each month for just $486 per year! Who could resist!
  3. 1,500 ladybugs! A steal at just $3.05. Not sure how they make money on this one – and who counts them? But, everyday low prices is one of the miracles of modern capitalism!
  4. A Block of Uranium Ore. $39.95? Want to join the Axis of Evil? Now’s your chance.
  5. Earthworm Jerky – A healthy – and may I say appetizing snack – yours for just $14.95
  6. And best of all, a Tiny House in a prefab shipping container can be yours for $36,000

It’s just nuts.

It does show how much opportunity abounds on Amazon. In fact over 140,000 sellers are now making $100,000+ in sales on the platform.

What about you? What product could you sell on Amazon for extra income?

Because, here’s the BIG advantage for you.

When you use Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), they pay you every 14 days for sales made – and even store, pack, and ship your products to customers for you, for a reasonable fee.

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