Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a booming industry, especially for those looking to start a successful online home business. Find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

There’s an amazing business opportunity that allows people to turn two hours of work into a recurring income stream.

So, if you’re looking for a way to earn passive income for a long time, read on. Because in this article, you’ll discover how you can start your Kindle Publishing business.

Let me start by saying you don’t have to be a novelist to become a top-earning publisher on Amazon. After all, you won’t need to be writing novels. You just have to write about a hot topic that’s in-demand and people would likely love to read about.

Another option would be to simply outsource the writing of your next best-seller.

In any case, you can watch the passive income roll in while you work on—our outsource—your next income-generating bestseller.

How to Find a Best-Selling Topic

Whether you decide to tap another author or write a book yourself, there’s one important thing you need to work on first:

Your book’s topic.

Remember, every book you publish should provide you with a significant passive income for a long time. That means you need to find a topic that people will find relevant not just now, but in the long run.

But don’t worry. You can find topic inspiration everywhere.

That said, here are 6 secrets to find a hot topic for your next Amazon best-selling book:

Secret #1. Get Inspiration From Current NYT, Amazon Bestsellers

Here’s some good news: ideas are not copyrighted.

So, you can go ahead and consult the bestseller list from New York Times and Amazon to get an idea of what subjects people like to read and buy right now. On Amazon, you can check the ‘Top Sellers’ tab on your homepage to see what book subjects are hot right now.

After listing down the bestselling topics, pick which ones you think will be relevant for the longest time…

And start there!

Secret #2. Look for Things That People Frequently Ask on Google

A good book idea would be to write about something people frequently search online about. Luckily, there are keyword tools that can help you find out what people are Googling for now.

With these tools, all you have to do is type in a keyword and you will see what kinds of questions people are asking about that topic.

That said, people love reading eBooks to solve real-life problems, so a ‘How-to’ guide might be one of your best bets.

Secret #3. Surf Online Forums to Find Questions That Interest People

Another way to find out the topics that interest many people is to frequent online forums like Quora, or even Facebook ask groups.

You may even want to consider subscribing to email newsletters or email notifications for these online forums. This will give you a continuous source of possible topics for the next books you’re going to publish on Amazon.

And you can also use these online platforms to spark conversations on your own. If you have a topic you feel like writing or publishing about, test out the public’s interest. Ask a question to see how many people are interested to learn more.

Secret #4. Brainstorm a List of Problems in Your Life and in the Lives of Those Around You

The internet is not the only place where you can find viable topics for your new publishing business. You can also observe the physical world around you.

So, think about the kind of problems you recently encountered. As well as problems your family members and friends recently needed help with.

Maybe your friend recently lost his job…

Or your sister had a bad dye job you had to fix…

Or perhaps you recently dealt with sleepless nights…

Chances are, you are not the only one who have—and will—encounter these issues.

If your eBook can help others overcome these problems faster than you or your loved ones did, then you’ve got a hit.

Secret #5. Consider How-to’s and Tutorials About Things You’re Good At

Maybe you haven’t encountered any recent problems you can write about. But you can still write a tutorial guide for something you’ve always been good at.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated, either.

If you cook great meals that people are always raving about during the holidays, maybe you can write a recipe book!

If you’ve never bombed a job interview, you can perhaps write a guide for jobseekers on how to ace interviews!

Tap into your own strengths and write about things that can help other people.

Secret #6. Lay Out Your Opinion on Controversial Topics

Here’s something you should know about as a budding publisher:

Controversy sells.

People who agree with your opinion would love to read your book to validate their worldview.

Meanwhile, those who disagree with you would still love to read your thoughts—if only to get fired up for a heated debate.

In any case, you or your hired author can run free about lying down your personal opinions on controversial topics. So long as they’re sufficiently backed by research or data.

Just pick a controversial topic and go wild with it.

Build a Successful Kindle Publishing Business

Landing great topics for your Kindle publishing business is indeed important. But it’s only one part of building a successful Amazon KDP business.

If you want a highly profitable and sustainable business empire that you can run from home, you need to nail down the basics of Kindle publishing.

Bear in mind that since the pandemic started, sales of eBooks have skyrocketed. In fact, by the end of 2020, the eBook publishing industry generated close to $17 billion in sales.

All this to say…you’ve got competition.

But the good news is that I can help you edge them out!

Join my upcoming webinar so I can help you establish your new Kindle publishing business—from conception to completion.