Recently I shared 7 of the craziest products you can buy on Amazon.

Well, I was just getting started.

Here are 8 more products you can buy on Amazon to cater to the great American pastime that has fuelled economic growth for the past 100 years… shopping!

1. A Desktop Fridge.

Go to the fridge? Ain’t no one got time for that. Just grab your cold soda from your desk fridge – saving countless steps each day.

Yours for just $38.

2. A Dog Dryer

No more will little Bobo get his smelly wet dog smell on your couch. Because for just $39.95 you can put him in this insta-doggy-dryer!

3. Cat Carrier Dress

For the woman who has absolutely everything, get her this cat carrier dress for just $16.95.

4. Pickle Lip Balm

Strawberry or Peach Lip Balm is so bland.  Try tangy pickle lip balm for just $11.95

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5. Roast Beef Sandwich Bath Salt.

Admit it. How many times have you been laying in a bath and thought…what this relaxing experience needs is the comforting smell of meat in bread. Indulge yourself for just $17.95

6. A Wine Bra

What it lacks in class it makes up for in convenience! Get your Wine rack bra for just $29.95

7. A Life Size Cut Out of Danny Devito

Do you ever fill an emptiness in your life?  Fill it with this life size cut out of the famous actor for just $74.97

8. A Dog Wig

Do you ever want to make your 4-legged friend more beautiful? Or alternatively humiliate them as a punishment for misdeeds? Do both with this tasteful wig for just $9.57.

The Enormous Amazon Selling Machine

Some crazy products, but that’s the magic of Amazon. Millions of products being sold to cater for every taste – no matter how quirky!

That’s why it’s no surprise that 140,000 sellers are already making $100,000+ in sales per year on the platform.

What about you? What product could you sell on Amazon for extra income?

Because, here’s the BIG advantage for you.

When you use Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), they pay you every 14 days for sales made – and even store, pack, and ship your products to customers for you, for a reasonable fee.

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New Video: How I Found Over 500 Products to Sell on Amazon – Watch It Now

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