90 Million buyers!

That’s how many people are buying books on Amazon Kindle –

Possibly like you, I am one of them – I am a voracious reader of kindle books. Especially in this time of ‘lock-down.

Now, here’s the good news for you…

Kindle eBooks can also be a great source of recurring income.

That’s because when you upload a mini-eBook on the right topic…people can keep buying it month after month.

So, you potentially get paid month after month – it’s a true ‘recurring income stream’.

And, as you’ll see, you don’t even need to write the books yourself if you don’t want to.

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Now, here’s some key facts you need to know about Amazon Kindle.

1. Amazon Holds 80% of the eBook Industry

There are multiple platforms you can use to publish a book.

But, none of them come close to Amazon.

It started as an online book store, and now it dominates this space.

Over the years, it’s kept growing and evolving, and now Kindle owns 80% of the eBook market.
This means the potential for massive exposure and traffic – and also loads of competition.

If you put your book out there, millions of people can potentially see it.

Of course, you’ll have to compete for views with all the other self-published authors on Amazon – so there’s some tricks you need to know.

But, if you do it right you can potentially make a nice recurring income each month.

2. There Are 3 Ways of Making Money on Amazon Kindle

Amazon really wants to get books into people’s hands.

This is why it offers multiple options for publishing a book that will reach plenty of customers.

  1. A Kindle eBook, which is the most popular choice today. This is where you should get started for recurring income
  2. Paperbacks and hardback books are evergreen, and you have an option to create one through Amazon. However, if you’re purely looking for recurring income this is not a strategy I recommend. Lots more work involved.
  3. For those who want their books on the go, you can also create an audiobook.

You can either read it yourself or hire someone on Fiver to read it for you.

Once your ebook is selling well, I suggest you turn into an Audiobook for extra income, as this is a fast-growing area too.

Now, what are your next best steps to get started?

My friend has published literally 100’s of books on Amazon Kindle – none of which he’s written himself.

And, he’s put together a free video training to show you the ropes.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Step #1: The quick checklist to find amazing topics you can instantly monetize!

Step #2: How to never write a word yourself, outsource the entire project…

Step #3: How to just UPLOAD the file into Amazon Kindle and collect checks for years…

No sales pages. No funnels. No websites. No copywriting. No marketing. Very little advertising needed. This really is a simple business model. 


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