This photo of a cargo ship flying through the air off the coast of England might look fake.

But scientists say it is genuine.

The impossible image is actually a rare optical illusion caused by light reflecting off the water.

It just goes to show, you brain can lie to you sometimes.

That’s why whenever I’m researching new products to sell on Amazon, I don’t rely on ‘gut feel’ or instinct’

Instead I prefer to follow a proven checklist that’s been tried and tested 100’s of times already.

Plus, there are certain niches I love to hunt for treasure in.

For example, I love to sell expensive products for hobbyists!

Hobbyists will often spend ridiculous amounts of money on their chosen pursuit – whether it be horse riding, hunting or bird watching…the list goes on.
If you can find a particular niche product for hobbyists –  you could be onto a very good thing as the profits can be quite high!

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