This is the robot artist “Ai-Da” standing in front of one of her self-portraits during the opening of her new exhibition at the Design Museum in London.

Ai-Da is a life-size android who can paint, sculpt, gesture, blink and talk.

She uses her robot eyes to ‘look’ at herself and paint what she sees.

Even more amazing, she has sold more than $1 million worth of art – and she even has her own TED talk.

The robotic revolution is happening right now and that sadly means less jobs for people in the future…

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What I mean by this is you find the products and get them to the Amazon warehouse.

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Secret Code Words Cabin Crew Use During Flights
Cabin crew are the unsung heroes of the sky – they bring us food, take care of our safety, and deal with annoying passengers.

But according to former hosties, they also have secret codes for communicating things that passengers don’t know about.


For example, if a crew member says, ‘Cheerio’ to you as you leave the plane, it means that they find you attractive.

If you hear them talk about HR, then the plane is transporting a corpse in the luggage department.

Or if a crew member talks about “Landing Lips”, they are putting on their makeup before landing…

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