If there’s one thing Amazon does well, it’s finding new ways to help sellers boost their profits.

The marketplace offers all sorts of hot opportunities for buyers, which gives sellers massive potential for extra income.

Amazon Prime Day is only one of many examples. Instead of offering deals on holidays like all other retailers, they decided to create their own.

But here’s what many people don’t know.

When it started in 2015, Prime Day was a flop.

It commemorated the company’s 20th birthday with a full day of sales, except it didn’t exactly excite shoppers. While there were some good deals, they were nothing to write home about.

So sales were lackluster.

However, doing what it does best, Amazon has since found new ways to spice up the midyear sales. And, so the keyword for 2019’s prime day was ‘more’.

More sales, more discounts, more unique products.

In 2018, Amazon Prime day brought in about $3.9 billion in sales.

We don’t know the exact numbers of this year’s prime day, but Amazon says 175 million products were sold. Wow!

Although these sales are only for Prime members, the truth is that everyone can participate and save money on the most popular products.

And, also Amazon offers a 30-day free trial to Prime, which non-members can sign up just to take advantage of the discounts.

And 2019 will mark the first year when more than half of all Amazon users will have a Prime membership.

But, what does this mean for Amazon sellers?

The boost in Prime membership means more dedicated buyers.

Recurring buyers are the heart and soul of every business.

If you were a seller during this year’s prime day, it could mean tremendous exposure for your Amazon store.

We have students who have done as much as $30,000 in sales on Prime day.

Amazon keeps finding new ways of attracting traffic, and the ripple effect makes it much easier to market your business.

Do you want to get in on this and ‘ride the wave’?

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