Tony Robbins has changed the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Maybe he’s influenced you already?

At least he’s influenced people that may have inspired you – as so many CEO’s, Sports Stars, Rock-Gods, Politicians, and Musicians etc. have learnt from him.  

One thing Tony Robbins suggests is we ‘prime’ ourselves for a great day with a powerful morning routine.

Here’s Tony’s routine.

Now this is what Tony does, and it’s not for everyone. But hopefully you get some great ideas from it.

1. 10 Minute “Priming” Meditation

After sleeping for 3-5h, Robbins gets up anywhere between 7 – 9 a.m.

After drinking his ‘adrenal support cocktail’ filled with vital nutrients, he does 10 minutes of ‘priming’ meditation.

His ‘priming’ practice is famous across the globe, and ensures that he achieves the right mindset from the moment he wakes up.

The exercise consists of deep breathing, expressing gratitude, thinking of the people he loves, and visualising success for the day ahead.

The above steps help Robbins reflect on his achievements and set new intentions for the day ahead of him.

1. Get Moving!

Robbins doesn’t believe in long and dreadful exercises.

Rather, his focus is on achieving maximum results in the least amount of time. To make this happen, he uses a very intense workout routine.

Robbins uses OsteoStrong, a machine he invested in as he believes it’s a perfect tool for his exercise routine.

In essence, he uses his full strength and directs it in different motions, and the machine measures force exertion.

Another machine that Robbins uses is the ROM Quick Gym

Or as it’s better known…The Torture Machine!

It forces you to make a rowing motion while adjusting to your force exertion, meaning you’re always pushing yourself harder.

After he’s done exercising, he goes to a sauna, after which he immerses himself in cold water. This helps him shock his body and keep it alert.

You might not want to pay for all these fancy machines.

And the truth is you don’t need to!

50 Burpies and a 60 second cold shower could have a similar effect!

So, you can still develop a powerful morning routine.  

What can you do for 10 minutes  in the morning to get yourself into a peak state for the day ahead?

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