I came to the Blue Sky event to learn how to start my own Amazon business. Because I wanted more freedom to travel and live anywhere and be able to have a job where I’m working for myself. I think the event has been great, not only with the speakers but also with everyone I’ve met. I think it’s been super motivating. Yeah, super energizing to do some work on building a business. My favorite part has been listening to Sophie speak in person because her energy is just probably the number one motivating factor that has pushed me to make progress on building my business. And seeing her in person is invaluable. Yeah, I think I’ve definitely raised my level of knowledge.

I think this event is for anyone, anyone who’s wanting to build an Amazon business, anyone who has ideas. Anyone who is thinking about it and has a desire to start but feels a little intimidated. I think being here in person has made it feel much more doable. It can actually work for you. And meeting people who have actually been in your seat previously who are now speakers and teaching the methods, I think has been a game changer too. For anyone that’s thinking about coming to the next event, I would highly recommend it. I think that seeing Sophie speak and having access to her as a resource in person has just been incredible. Having access to all the other speakers in person has been invaluable experience and has been a game changer for me.