I was looking at the idea that maybe coming to the conference would really help me get a good strong footing on beginning this journey. My business is just beginning. I’m just looking at this venture as a possible journey, but I’ve jumped in with two feet and I want to make a go of it and I believe I can, so I think that being here with all of these great facilitators and all the people around me has given me the head start I need to get going on it and I’m grateful. All of it’s been good. I think that the social was good to get to know and be able to meet with the facilitators and the speakers individually and the breaks have been good to allow discussion. But learning all the information has really been quite eye opening. It’s all been great.

If you really wanted to be motivated to help yourself take on the challenge of opening up an online business, coming to an event like this would give you that motivation and give you that urge to go ahead and dare to dream. And even if you fail, you just keep dreaming and do it again. There are a lot of people here to support you, and I really felt that that was very beneficial for me at this time. I think you would enjoy it and I think it would help give you whatever propulsion you need to get you going on your journey over having an online business.