Hi, my name is Deb and I’m an interior designer from Auckland, New Zealand. My husband is also in construction; he’s a project manager. For some time, now, we’ve been looking for an alternative lifestyle. We’d really like to just chill out, we’d like to travel, we’d like to play with the grandchildren, we’d like financial freedom. Last year, we were listening to a podcast on YouTube, hosted by Sophie Howard of Blue Sky. This dream that she promoted was going to supply all of those things that we wanted for our dream so we talked to some people, we made some calls and ended up joining up and going to a conference in Auckland where we got a lot more information and we were really excited about the prospect of moving forward and creating a bright future for ourselves. I then went to India with the Blue Sky team which was absolutely awesome. They were supportive, they guided, they were hospitable, they made it warm and safe and it was just a really cool experience where I felt like I’ve made some friends forever.

The trade fair was excellent as well. I met some great suppliers and found some fabulous products. I come back home and we’ve done our due diligence and put together our branding and that’s been a really cool experience. We did have to dig in deep, getting our seller’s account with Amazon; that required patience and fortitude but we made it and we got there in the end and now we’re at the point where we’re just about to launch and I can only say that this whole experience has been so worth it. I’m very, very grateful, we both are, to Sophie and her team. We feel that we’re now going to have a bright future that’s going to be really exciting and achieve what we want to achieve, thank you.