The Blue Sky Seminar, it’s been going on for the last three days and it was an investment of time that was incredibly worthwhile. While everything is on the modules already if you’ve signed up, just being here and having the interaction with all the other attendees, built some great relationships, have done quite a bit of networking, as well as being able to hear the questions that are being asked, hear the answers, just a lot more insight and it just really pulls the whole thing together for you.

My favorite part has been I think really the professionals that Sophie has brought in that have enhanced the modules, whether it’s the legal aspect, the sourcing aspect, all the different parts that really have filled in some of the gaps. I definitely feel ready to go. I’m super excited. My husband and I are both really excited to just get that product going. We have a lot more confidence in what we’re doing now.

This program is absolutely the real deal. Sophie and her team have taken the time to really put all the resources together to support you. This is not a sales gig. This is to make sure that the investment you’ve already made, you’re going to have the resources you need to pull through and be successful. And that, of course, is what we’re all here for. We’re all looking forward to that, and that is what this program’s about. So I’d highly recommend everyone come do this.