Hi, my name is Laura. I’m Romanian. I’ve been living in the United Kingdom for six years now with my 14-year-old son and my partner. I have a full-time job in a media company and I been selling (murmurs) since November 2019. So my work, I got introduced to the world of digitalin and then I bought the commerce. Then that commerce is eating away market share for of the big brick and mortar retailers. Since (murmurs) shops are closing down. Traditional FMCG manufacturers are not doing better either. Their product endorsement, their packaging, their distribution is not fit for online sales. So, I thought I should get to learn more about the commerce maybe a get or create an extra source of income. You know school fees are not cheap. So this is how I came across Sophie’s course, why I chosen Sophie’s course is because it teaches you how to build your own brand and site, she studie for herself, she has an amazing capability of turning her experience into standard processes, but apart from that she has something more, she’s an extraordinary charismatic trainer, I met her twice. Once in Bristol last year in June and I remember how she kept a whole audience captive, two hundred plus people for the entire day. Other courses are about selling unbranded products or wholesaling.

This one is different, this one teaches you the short term revenue driver but also the long term game so, it’s like buying a house instead of renting it. I struggle looking for products, I follow Sophie’s advice of looking for something that is close to my area of interest, what I love, I found something, my partner was also a shareholder in the business, the strict part of the enterprise, came up with a brand name and a branding strategy, we found a manufacturer in China through Alibaba. My partner traveled to China to meet the manufacturer, and we had our first order delivered to Amazon on October 2019. I think when you know you set your mind to achieve a goal, the universe will find a way to make it happen. This is to say that it didn’t come well to changes, we encountered a few bumps along the way, like my product being stuck in Hong Kong airport during the riots in October for almost a week. It’s not only that I learned to be more positive about the entire journey because I know now that I can achieve what I set my mind to achieve. But imagine what a terrific example this for the teenager in my household. I have three listings with twelve aces active on Amazon now, seven of them are out of stock in less than two months, I’ve achieved, I’ve sold product twenty thousand US dollars. And I second all the ship to Amazon three weeks ago. I’m looking now into options to expand beyond Amazon and Sophie’s training is also taking care of that with Facebook and ClickFile courses. I would say the only things that one needs to bring in, in order to succeed, are resilience and determination anything else is there waiting for you to make up your mind. All our sales count today for ten maximum fifteen percent in US and it’s the inevitable way going forward. Imagine when this reaches thirty or forty percent. How much demand is being created out there waiting for sellers like us to fulfill it. So good luck to all fellow course.