Hi guys, my name is Lucy, I’m a remedial massage therapist here in Melbourne. I’m a mom with three kids. And I work from home most of the time. So I was looking for some way to find a bit of, I guess, a bit of a side hustle that would help assist me in having that full time income but not actually sacrificing my time in order to find that balance between my kids and my work life. So yeah, so I went looking for a course or some avenue that would help satisfy that criteria. And considered selling on Amazon for a long time, actually for several years but didn’t actually know which steps to take, how to do it, it was quite overwhelming and intimidating. However, I was quite savvy as far as finding out what side hustles would suit me in my lifestyle. I went on a trip to Guatemala, May 2019, and found a fantastic supplier of products there for a Women’s Cooperative that really worked in line with my values. So what I wanted to do was then find a way that I could help these women and support them as well through their community and raising their children. These are women who have experienced hardship and have very minimal employment opportunities. So I thought Amazon would be a good platform for me to be able to assist them and also help me balance my lifestyle a bit better as well. When I was looking for an Amazon course, I came across Sophie’s course and liked her approach because she was very relatable and also had similar values to me as far as managing children but not wanting to sacrifice too much time with children and live, I guess, a different sort of lifestyle.

So as I found Sophie, so relatable, I decided to sign up for her course. Before having done the course, the challenges that I came up against was how to find a product that would actually sell on Amazon instead of going in blindly. So how do you actually do the research and know that you’re not just going to spend thousands of dollars on a product and then end up losing a lot of money because you haven’t done your due diligence and don’t know what you’re up against as far as competitors go. So, and also how to how to find suppliers, ethical suppliers, not ethical suppliers necessarily suppliers who are going to do the right thing by you, I guess. Anyway, so I found Sophie. And as a result of doing the course was able to understand the process really clearly through the step by step modules and the assistance of the coaches. So after spending a few months doing all that research and finding out what is going to actually work. I applied what I learned and found a product that I felt was going to work well. So I took the plunge and actually got the product up and running and I got it in quarter four. So I managed to get the product in about three months ago, at partly halfway through quarter four, and was very, very happy to find that I was instantly on page one, and instantly making sales. So that was a huge success for me and continue to do more sales. So I realized that the products, my first product was actually seasonal, so seasonal product. So now I’m working on increasing my product base to non seasonal products. So products that will sell all year round. And I’m thrilled to say that I am now an active supporter of these Women’s Cooperative in Guatemala. Helping them to sustain financial independence and improve their quality of life and the quality of life of those people within that community. So if you are considering doing the Amazon course, I would highly recommend working with Sophie because she works with integrity, and her coaches offer you full support, and I couldn’t be happier with the results from doing the course. So thank you and all the best. Good luck.