So this event really took my knowledge to the next level. It’s really informational. It’s helped me to think through the process and get excited about getting my first product on Amazon. My wife and I came to this event because it was a chance to meet Sophie and see her in person. And kind of put concepts into reality for us. It made things come to life and it helped us to know that we can actually do this.

I think for anybody coming to this event, I would encourage them, it would be a definite win-win situation. Where your kind of isolated, sitting by yourself at home, and you get into a community of people that are all trying to do the same thing and they’re all positive about it. And then you get to meet Sophie and her team and realize that it’s not the hype. It’s like you need to do the work and it can happen for you. So if you’re thinking about coming to the next Blue Sky event, I would say do it. Make it happen because it’s going to take you from step one to step five really fast. And it’s going to make it a reality for you.