Hi, my name is Nicole. I joined Sophie’s course in August last year. And I have been through a hectic very quick journey. I’ve listed all across Europe and in the US. And my first shipment is on its way to the US at the moment. This definitely would not have been possible without me joining Sophie’s course. ‘Cause I actually registered a brand in 2016, a trademark. First time I tried to register it it got challenged. And then the second time I managed to get it listed in the EU which was a huge achievement. But after that I didn’t really know what to do with it because I have never sold anything in my life. I’m an accountant, I do a day job in the office. And I heard Sophie’s speech about office politics and that struck a chord with me and I decided I wanted to try this.

So I eventually made my first sales in January with, with which I was very delighted. And, as I said my first shipment is on, on its way to the US. I’ve started a clothing brand. Linked to a sport that I love and have expanded the product range and the brand and I’ve learned so much about advertising and selling. The only advice that I can give to anyone who’s embarking on this journey is that they listen to every word that Sophie says. I’ve actually had Amazon call me about my advertising to try and give me some more support. Don’t take their advice, listen to every word that Sophie says and you will get there and you will make sales which is fantastic. Thank you.