Hello my name’s Peggy and I’m from beautiful Southern California where the weather’s always nice, however I love changing seasons and would very much appreciate being able to have a vacation home or at least the finances to travel, preferably both. I’ve started this Amazon adventure with Sophie so when my husband finally decides to retire we’ll have the finances to live our modest lifestyle to travel, to enjoy our grandchildren and to help others in need whenever we find that need. I first heard about Sophie’s course through a Facebook ad. After careful consideration of what I learned from the advertising videos and live information call I decided to take the risk and I’ve never been sorry. I began the course immediately. My Amazon store’s up and running, with help I’ve developed a website and I’m currently learning ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Sophie is the best in this business, her approach to quality and integrity is important to me and I want my business to be one I’m proud of, one I can boast about the quality of and one I can share with anyone I meet, anywhere, any time. I want it to be one that other people spread the news about. I wanna be above board in every aspect of this business. One of the huge benefits I’ve experienced in taking this course from Sophie is the access to experts in individual fields that are so important to a successful business, like accounting and legal, advertising and marketing and so much more. I’m not exactly a successful giant at this stage of the game, but I’m proud of the product I’ve chosen to sell, the research I’ve done, the numbers I’ve run, the coaching I’ve gotten, the relationship I’ve developed with the suppliers and the progress I have made so far. These things I can attribute to my education from Sophie and when you get Sophie you not only get her wealth of knowledge passed on to you, you get that of the like minded geniuses that she has surrounded herself with. It’s the real deal, the whole entire package, I believe well worth every penny I’ve spent.

*Results not typical.