Hello everyone, my name is Philippa Scobie and I live in the UK. I am actually an accountant by trade, but I came across Sophie’s Blue Sky Course whilst scrolling through Facebook. I thought I might give it a try, it sounded interesting. So, I signed up for the course and started to go through all the modules. And yeah, it was all fine, it was all fine, and then I got around to thinking about my first product. That was tough for me, being an accountant, not overly creative, I don’t think. So, I found it a bit tricky to generate ideas and to be fair, the first few ideas I had were not great. But that was the great thing about the course, was that I got to speak to my coach about them and she was able to explain to me why they weren’t great and then it was completely obvious to me. But it wouldn’t have been without that experience on the other end of the video cam. So, I have just launched my first product.

And I started the journey in October, so we’re now February. So yeah, it’s taken me about five months to get from start to launching my first product and I’ve sold two units, which I’m very, very excited about. It’s been tough. Amazon itself is a tough process in terms of opening your account and things like that. And yeah, I did get frustrated a few times, but the team are always there. The Facebook group were fantastic. I was able to ask questions, scroll through where people had asked the same questions as me maybe a few months ago and get the answers. So, that was kind of invaluable. And also my coach has been really, really great. We’ve struck up quite a good friendship and I’m able to speak to her as and when I need to, which is so helpful. And I’m quite excited, I’m getting ready now to launch my second product. So, it’s been a great journey and I do recommend the Blue Sky Amazon Course. There are plenty of others out there but Sophie’s course is fantastic and there’s so much support with it. Bye for now