Oh hi, I’m Stefan, I’m from Brisbane in Australia. I have left a corporate career. I was just sick and tired of working 50, 60 hours a week starting early, finishing late and, and I could not imagine doing this until I retire or worse, until a heart attack would put an end to that. Then I stumbled across Sophie talking about her course, and at first I was very skeptical, “Here we go, someone else is trying to sell me something,” and I left it, but it was stuck in my head and I came back to that. I’ve, I’ve done my research, I’ve asked the questions and what I really like was that Sophie does things differently. She is there online and in person through seminars and conferences. I also have had the access to coaches for the personal interaction if there was anything urgent or anything related to my personal product.

For anything in general, there is a lot of support from fellow students and also a lot of theory you can go through. So where I’m at now, I’ve designed a product, I’ve had it manufactured and it at Amazon and selling. Is it selling enough yet, no. There is still some tweaking to do, there is still some learning to do, which I hope I will be learning for the rest of my life. There is also help from the coaches, but I do look forward to the day when I can leave my day job. I am very confident about being able to do that. My tips to you, do Sophie’s course. Ensure you keep a day job to support you throughout. Look at it as your second student life. You work to support yourself, but you focus on your studies, you focus on your exams and you focus on your assignments. Set yourself some goals and be persistent, it’ll take time. It might take a failure before you succeed, but it’ll pay at the end. Hope that helped.