Hi, my name is Yvonne, and I signed up to Sophie Howard’s Amazon business course about a year ago. And I’m so glad I did. In 2018, I looked for a part time job and applied for many, many jobs. I never got one the whole year. I did it for a whole year. And so I was looking for something that gave me time to spend with my family, and for me to do other things. And so I came across Sophie Howard’s course on Facebook, and I looked at other courses, similar Amazon business courses, and I’m so glad I signed up to Sophie, so not another one.

Her course is so good. Her strategies for finding profitable products work, you also get access to coaches, and for me that’s absolutely invaluable to help someone like me who’s never been in business to get started. So the coaches are so helpful and such a wealth of information. Apart form that I have a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying it. This year I’ve learned so many new things. I have began selling on Amazon and it’s really fun. There may not be fun for everybody but I can tell you that Sophie Howard’s course is excellent and she also runs her course with integrity and her businesses with integrity, and I like that. I would highly recommend a course for anybody even if you’re not business orientated. There are so many benefits to it.