Amazon’s first-quarter revenue figures have come in!

What it shows is while other retail companies struggle, Amazon flourishes. When people can’t shop in the malls, they head online.

And that’s reflected in Amazon’s first-quarter figures.

The platform experienced a 26% jump in sales.

But let’s put that in dollar figures:

In the first quarter of last year, Amazon made $59.7 billion. But in this quarter, the platform’s made $75.5 billion!

That is an astronomical jump.

And, we think the next quarter earnings results will be even bigger and better.

Not only that, Amazon’s committed to spending $4 billion to improve its infrastructure.

It’s building testing facilities, hiring 10,000’s more people, and doing everything needed to handle the surge in demand.


How to get started selling on Amazon in May 2020 – Video Interview – Watch it Now

So… we have two messages for you here if you’re thinking of starting an Amazon store:

First, there’s never been a better time to do it.

Those revenue figures show that there are more people buying on Amazon than ever before. That means there’s more demand for any good product that you put onto the platform.

As an online seller, the current crisis represents an opportunity for you!

Second, Amazon isn’t going to struggle through this.

The company identified the key challenges it faces right now and it’s investing heavily to confront them.

That means you don’t need to worry about warehouse closures or logistics failures.

Amazon’s already well ahead of the game.

And that means your store will stay operational, even as you watch physical retail outlets around you closing.

Now is the time to create your Amazon store. Here’s a video interview to help you get started – I talk about what sort of products to sell, how to source them, and much more.


How to get started selling on Amazon in May 2020 – Video Interview – Watch it now

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