It was 2015, and this future Amazon seller wanted to make a shift from his 9-to-5 job.

He just wanted to find something, anything, that would spark a change in his life.

He came across Amazon FBA.

Hours of research followed. He listened to podcasts and read all the materials he could find on the subject. Finally, he felt ready to start his store.

He invested $2,000 into launching a product – a garlic press –  and it was an almost instant hit. In fact, his store was so popular that he struggled to maintain its growth.

Capital became a bottleneck – as his product has a long turnaround time.

But he persevered and eventually achieved success, and now he’s said to be a 7 figure seller.

The Quick Tips

What can you learn from this story if you’re thinking about becoming an Amazon seller?

Don’t assume it’s all going to be roses and cream!

As the man behind the Garlic Press puts it – “I have had suppliers screw me over, customs seize my whole container & hijackers try to take over my Amazon listing.”

You need to expect there will be challenges – and then be ready for them.

Because, here’s a big secret.

In life you are paid according to your ability to handle problems. Little problems, little money. If you can handle big problems, you can get paid big money.

The other big thing you need to master if effective product selection. It’s hard to become a 7-figure seller with just one product.

The garlic press seller actually reports having 21 products to give him his revenue.

If you want some great tips on product selection check out this quick video

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