China & Amazon Sellers in the Pandemic

Many Amazon sellers buy their products in bulk from Chinese factories.

And, with China being the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, some new Amazon sellers are concerned about placing orders.

This sentiment isn’t helped by several media commentators. Even Amazon’s former business head, James Thompson, has this to say:

“For anybody who’s getting products out of China, there will continue to be this problem and quite frankly, unless companies are able to find secondary sources of supply very quickly, which is quite unrealistic, I think you’re going to see some companies that have a very, very hard time keeping things going.”

That doesn’t sound too encouraging.

However, there’s good news on the horizon.

Though China was the original epicenter of this global pandemic, the country also has very strict measures in place. They’ve taken every possible action to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

… And it appears to have worked.

The number of cases in China is reportedly declining. And the country’s government feels confident enough in its efforts to make a huge decision.

China is open for business again!

In fact, the country allowed factories to reopen in March.

That means those factories can get back to the important business of manufacturing the products that people buy on Amazon.

But, here’s the interesting thing for myself and many of my students.

I currently don’t source any of my products from China.

I have in the past, and some of my students do.

However, my students and I find more unique products by sourcing products from places like Nepal…. Vietnam….and Sri Lanka…Australia and even USA. 

That’s because most sellers just go onto Ali-Baba and source quite similar products, so there’s a lot of ‘me-to’ sellers.

The best part is I can source products from all over the world – and sell them on Amazon all over the world – without ever leaving my home in New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

All through the power of Amazon.

And, for reasons I’ll explain in this new video, there’s never been a more urgent time than now for you to get started selling on Amazon, if you’ve been thinking about it.

Brand New Video – Why Start Selling on Amazon Before July 23rd 2020