These photos of a beer bottle and car park bollards may look fake because they cast no shadows in the sun.

But believe it or not, they are actually real.

This strange phenomenon is called the Lahaina Noon effect. It happens when the sun is directly overhead in the sky.

It’s only possible in places near the equator like Hawaii.

And it’s something you wouldn’t believe is real without proof.

Speaking of things that sound too good to be true, but are genuine….

Get Paid $100k A Year To Be A Human Hot Water Bottle?
Ever wanted a job where you didn’t have to get out of bed in the morning?

Well, this could be the next best thing…

Apparently, some people will shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get someone to warm their bed up for them.

In fact, a few years ago the Holiday Inn hotel chain actually tried it as a service for clients in colder climates.

Staff would put on a hair net, lie on the guest bed with a thermometer and warm it up to a cosy temperature…

Of course, you still have to leave your house and commute to work each day.

And frankly, the whole thing is kind of weird!

That’s why I prefer a more “portable” – and less weird – income stream…

For me, one of the best life changes I ever made was moving from the big city to New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where I love skiing with my kids and spending time riding my Horse Charlie.

Speaking of which…

Where would you work if you could make money from anywhere in the world?

Beachside resort? A Mountain Chalet? A Lakeside home?

A trendy city to drink coffee in cafes served by Hipsters with jazz music playing?

Let’s get you moving….

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