My friend Hillorie took the traditional path of attending college and climbing the corporate ladder.

She did not view herself as a business owner or entrepreneur.

After finishing a degree and advanced certification as an Accountant, she did what was expected…

Job at a large international company…

Stable 40 hours a week…

3 weeks vacation…

Annual salary…


And all Hillorie could think was, “Is this going to be my next 40 years?”

(Cue feeling of Dread)…

A bit of money for cute clothes…

The rest going to bills…

Working so hard to stay exactly where she was…

Then she came across a strategy to make money online with crypt0-currencies.

She was intrigued by the possibility of living off the profits. Without taking big risks or needing a lot of money to get started.

So Hillorie started spending all her extra time reading, digesting, learning…

She would stay up until 4:00am, get three hours of sleep, and do it all over again.

It was exhausting – but she knew it was her route to escape.

Short term pain for long term freedom.

Finally, her crypt0-profits were making her more than a day’s salary at work.

Hillorie retired from the rat race just two and a half years after being in a 9 to 5.

Now her life is a lot more like an ongoing ‘12 month vacation’ as she travels and can make money from anywhere – with just her laptop or her cell phone.


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Her friends started to ask how she did it, and Hillorie shared everything she knew with them.

Watching them have success with her strategies, Hillorie knew she had to help more people break free from the chains of employment.

So she broke down her strategies into a repeatable step-by-step approach – to help them ‘short cut’ their learning curve.

Soon, some people she didn’t know and had no previous crypt0 knowledge were making good money by applying her system.

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