Agtaha Christie is the best selling novelist in history.

Her murder mystery books have sold more than 2 billion copies – and been adapted into coutnless movies and TV shows.

So you’d probably be surprised to learn that she had a landing disability called dysgraphia, which made handwriting and spelling really difficult.

As a result, she dictated many of her books – and got someone else to type them up.

It just goes to show that if you’re passionate about something, you shouldn’t let obstacles hold you back.

What is your dream that you’ve been holding back on, because of self-limiting beliefs?

The best way I know to conquer them is to keep taking action regardless of doubts  – and let your new results show you what’s possible.

I had doubts about whether my first Amazon product would sell – but then when it started selling crazy…it’s hard to argue with money in the bank!

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Did you know that Amazon has sold up to 90 million of these little devices…


You’ll recognise this – it’s an Amazon Kindle eReader, for reading Kindle ebooks.

And, here’s the big opportunity for you…

It’s estimated that over 300 million millions of ebooks are sold each year.

And, sales increased by up to 20% in 2020 due to folks being stuck at home.

Now, as you may know, many of these e-books are cheap as chips. Just a few dollars to buy – like this example below.


But, if you are selling a few 100 digital copies per month, the numbers can add up nicely.

And, the good thing is, because they are digital it’s largely passive income for you as a seller.

And, you don’t need to source stock from overseas –  as we do in our physical product businesses.

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The best part is….

As you’ll see in the free-training class this week, you don’t even need to write the ebooks yourself…. (but you can if you want).

And, when you get it right, a single ebook could potentially pay you as much as $100, $200 even as much as $500+ per month in virtually passive income.

And, it’s possible to publish up to 1 or 2 per month, if you really want to make this a healthy income stream and you put the effort in.

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