Welcome to 2021! I hope you had a joyous Christmas with family and friends and you’re ready to take giant steps forwards in the year ahead!

Here’s a crazy story of one Dads Christmas surprise!

When Ray Lidell ordered an inflatable Grinch for his 7-year-old daughter, he was expecting something about the size of a Christmas tree.

So you can imagine his surprise when a huge 35-foot inflatable arrived that dwarfs his house.

But this daughter loves it…

And as an added bonus, Ray asked the thousands of visitors who come to see the Grinch to donate to charity and has so far raised $26,000 so far…

Of course, Ray is not the only person who was shopping online this Christmas.  Online sales are booming…

People who sell products on Amazon had their most successful Christmas ever – making a total of up to $4.8 billion already…

But the truth is online sales are only to accelerate….so if you’re wondering when the best time to start selling products online is…the answer is always NOW!

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