This is Casu Marzu cheese from the Mediterranean island of Sicily.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Casu Marzu is the most dangerous cheese in the world.


Well, the cheese is eaten with live maggots crawling all over it, which is pretty disgusting in itself.

But sometimes these maggots can stay alive in a person’s stomach and start eating them from the inside out.


It sounds like a pretty terrible product to me…

But because it’s so rare people flock from all over the world to try it.

And, here’s why I am telling you about this.

Well, just as this Cheese is certainly not for everyone….

There are some business models…that people still seem to flock to…but are just not that right for all people.

For example, network marketing is one model that can work for some people!

And, I know folks are very successful at it.

But, for me, nothing would be worse than trying to rope mums at the school drop off into buying the latest herbal remedy or face cream from me!

I am more of an ‘introvert’ by nature.

I love people.

But,  I am also happy running around the mountains by myself, researching new product ideas or just riding my Horse Charlie along a trail.

And, the good news is, I make a great living on Amazon selling 1,000’s of products each month – without ever even speaking to a single customer.

This is a true lifestyle business.

But, what about you? What business is right for you? Perhaps I can help.

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