If you’ve ever had to deal with an office bureaucrat who followed the rules a little too strictly, then this story won’t surprise you.

Way back in 2013, a technology magazine called WIRED reviewed a machine that creates Bitcoin.

As part of the review, they created 13 Bitcoin…

But the pencil pusher in the office decided it was against company policy to keep the currency because it might bias their review.

So they chucked their Bitcoin in the ‘data-waste bin’.

Today, that Bitcoin would be worth as much as $600,000 dollars (depending on the price of Bitcoin at the time).


In fairness, they were trying to do the right thing.

But still…

Now, the crypt0-market goes up and it goes down. No doubt about that.

But, one fact is sure – it’s here to stay and the future looks bright for those that get in the know and take action.

And, here’s a fascinating fact.

Already over 100,000 people have reportedly become Bitcoin Millionaires.

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