The founder of Tesla and SpaceX certainly knows a thing or two about success. Elon Musk is one of the world’s most prominent billionaires.

In fact, his company Tesla has now got a market cap of $100 Billion!

And, he has 10 rules that any budding entrepreneur should live by. Follow them and you’ll increase your chances of achieving success.

Rule #1 – Work Super Hard

Nothing good in life comes without effort.

Pour everything you have into creating something truly amazing. And, then watch the rewards come in thick and fast.

That might mean taking 30 minutes before work or after work every day to create your side-hustle business.

Rule #2 – Have a Good Product

You can’t expect people to buy any old garbage.

You need to have a product that excites people or at least serves a specific need well.

Rule #3 – Do Something Important

Elon says there has to be a reason behind what you’re doing that goes beyond “making money.” Your work has to be important, to you and the people you serve.

What is your ‘why’?

Rule #4 – Love What You Do

Passion is one of the key motivators in business. If you don’t love what you do, you’re far less likely to succeed. That’s because you won’t find the drive to keep pushing when things get tough.

Rule #5 – Quality Over Noise

Making a lot of noise about something won’t get you anywhere if the product is no good. Over time, Quality will trump marketing. Ideally, you’ll have both working together.


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Rule #6 – Keep Pushing

You will experience failure along the way. The most successful entrepreneurs refuse to give up when things get tough.

This doesn’t mean not ‘pivoting’ if a product is not working – but it does mean not stopping because you hit an obstacle.

Rule #7 – Take a Risk

Staying in your comfort zone means you’ll never achieve anything amazing. If you want to transform, you have to take the risk.

The trick is to keep your risks small, and your potential upside BIG!

Rule #8 – Ignore Negative Influences

People will try to talk you out of what you’re doing. Some of these people may even be your family and friends. You’ll have to block out the negativity and keep pushing.

The best thing you can do here, is spend time with inspiring positive people.

Rule #9 – Attract Great People

When you start building a team, you need to find the right people. These are the people who have both the skills and the attitude to fit into your culture.

Who is currently on your ‘A-Team’?

Rule #10 – Look for Problem Solvers

People who can solve problems will help you grow your business?

Are you good at solving problems? Do you take time each day to think about your obstacles and how to overcome them?

The biggest problem in starting an Amazon business is finding the right product.

Here’s a quick video with some tips on how I do that, and how my team can potentially help you win the Amazon game.


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