So many people are afraid of failure.

No one sets out looking for it.  And yet, this crippling fear of failure stops so many people dead in their tracks from trying new things.

So, they stay where they are – which is in many ways a much bigger risk.

And, that’s exactly why Elon Musk says you need to embrace fear and use it as a positive force.

Failure is a part of life. It’s inevitable, whether you didn’t get the job you interviewed for or got picked last in gym class.

And as an entrepreneur you will have setbacks for sure. However, as an entrepreneur each failure can bring you closer to your goal if you learn from it.

In 2005, Elon Musk and Space X first started creating their rockets. He once said about them:

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating.”

Elon Musk’s Rocket

Do you want to follow in the path of the crazy success that companies like Tesla, Apple, and Amazon enjoy?

The key thing is, how fast can you fail, and then try something new – and how low can you keep your risk.

For example, in my Amazon business I’ve launched over 500 products. Not all were big winners – but some were and they made me a fortune.

The failure products I just lowered the price on till they sold.

The winners I scaled to the moon!

And, because I always insist on the lowest MOQ possible in many cases I can test a product with less than $500!

So, I minimise my risk.

So, here’s the success formula.

Fail fast, fail often and minimise your risks – then try something new let your winners run!

And, then success is almost guaranteed if you just keep at it.

Take this student of mine.


She just kept plugging away till the sales started coming.

Even as a single Mum with a full-time job.

What about you? When are you going to started in creating your own ‘side-hustle’ income?

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