Would you like to know 3 secrets that helped me to sell 91,000 products on Amazon in 14 Months?

Well, that’s what I am going to share with you today.

Over the past six years, I’ve launched more than 500 different products on Amazon.

And, my team and I have also helped many everyday people from all walks of life – from truck drivers to teachers to ex-corporates – to become successful Amazon sellers.

Now, of course, my results aren’t typical. But they do show you the power of these three secrets.

So, what are these secrets?

1. I avoid products where there is too much demand. If there are over 50,000 searches a day for a product, it means every person and their dog is probably selling it. And you won’t be able to get a look in…(Think mobile phone cases).

On the other end of the scale, I like to stay away from products where there are too few sales. If there are only 100 people a day searching for a product, then it will be hard to make enough money for it to be worth your while.

Instead, you want that Goldilocks “sweet spot” of about 20,000 searches a month.

2. I never order a product directly from a supplier website and sell it. I’ve found you can get a far higher profit margin of up to 30% if you rebrand products with nicer packaging – something that’s relatively easy to do if you know the steps.

3. Finally, I like find unique suppliers in ‘under the radar’ countries like Nepal and Vietnam.  There is less competition, it’s harder for people to copy me and I have exclusive products that I can sell for a higher price.

Now, these strategies may sound simple.

But, by using them consistently, I sold my first Amazon business for $1 million+ USD… and I’ve launched 500 products on the platform…

Of course, as I mentioned, these results aren’t typical. But they do show you what is possible.

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