Try not to think of this next time you’re having a Vanilla Ice-cream but you may be eating…

Beaver bum goo!

What on Earth is that?

Beaver bum goo is an ingredient that is often used to create the rich flavour of vanilla in food and other products.


Beavers are adorable!

The goo is called castoreum and it’s something that beavers excrete to help them mark their territory.

And contrary to what you might think, It’s not dangerous at all. In fact, the USA’s Food and Drug Administration states that it is “generally regarded as a safe additive”.


Beaver bum goo…

Not exactly the most appetising of ingredients, is it?

Thankfully, you’re unlikely to end up eating much of it as it’s pretty difficult to collect.

It turns out that territorial beavers aren’t too happy about people trying to steal the substance they use to mark their territory.

This goes to show, things are not always what they seem.

And, it’s the same online.

I know when I was starting online I looked at a whole bunch of opportunities before deciding to build a business on Amazon.

Frankly, some of them just turned out to be Beaver Poo!

However, one of the things that made me comfortable starting a business on Amazon is that it is such a well trusted brand.

And, they always focus on putting the customer first.

And, of course, because they already have millions of people visiting their website each day, when you sell products on Amazon…you don’t need to worry about finding customers.

Amazon helps you with that.

The big question is…

What’s the best product to sell on Amazon?

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