What’s your legacy?

What are you going to leave behind when you’re gone?

Would you fund a clock that’s set to work for 10,000 years? What if you knew that it only ticked once a year and you’d have to wind it by hand?

Sounds like a crazy idea right? Are you sold yet?

Jeff Bezos was when he contributed $42 million to this pretty adventurous project.

The clock itself is still under construction. But it’s designed to work on a combination of solar energy and windings.

If you’re hoping to see it, you may be out of luck.

They plan to bury the clock 150 metres below the limestone cliffs of Texas’s Sierra Diablo range. For now, that mountain range is on the Texas-Mexico border. But who knows where it will be in the next 10 millennia?


You might be asking yourself, why is this mega-rich guy building this clock?

Well, there are a variety of answers. The first one is the simplest, though.

He’s funding it because he can.

The Amazon founder and CEO says that it is “the ultimate symbol of long-term thinking.”

Bezos isn’t doing this project on his own, though.

The clock itself is the brainchild of an organisation called the Long Now Foundation.

You may wonder, “Why a clock?’”

According to the founders of the organisation, Danny Hillis and Stewart Brand, the clock makes perfect sense. They wanted to create a tribute to thinking about the future.

So, what better way to do it than create an invention meant to last for a few millennia?

In a world where most human inventions last a few hundred years at best, this is an ambitious project.

But without an actual completion date, they have nothing but time to get it right.

It’s this long term thinking that allows Amazon to continue to make big moves:

According to Strategic Tech Investor:

  • “Last February, it was the lead investor in electric-truck maker Rivian.
  • It was also among the lead investors in a recent $530 million financing for Aurora Innovation, a self-driving auto startup.
  • The firm invested just shy of $1 billion last year for PillPack, moving in into the online-pharmacy business.
  • In April, we learned it wants to launch a constellation of 3,236 satellites to beam down broadband web access to much of the world.”

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