There’s no doubt that Jeff Bezos is a super smart guy.

This is somebody who built one of the largest businesses in the world from his own garage.

He took an idea for an online bookstore and turned it into a platform that has helped thousands of sellers make money online.

Do you want to be one of those sellers?

With the right guidance and action, you could leverage the platform that Bezos created to potentially build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

But let’s come back to the man himself for a moment.

At the 2019 re:MARS conference, Bezos weighed in on what he thinks separates intelligent people from everyone else.

As he puts it:

“People who are right a lot change their minds without a lot of new data. They wake up and reanalyse things and change their mind… 

If you don’t change your mind frequently, you’re going to be wrong a lot.”

There’s a valuable lesson here. A flexible mind is key.

As an Amazon seller, you’re constantly taking on new information. You have to analyse the data and your products constantly to run a successful Amazon store.

Simply launching a product and sticking with it through thick and thin doesn’t always work.

Sure, it’s great if the product is performing well.

But there are times when seemingly great products don’t land like you hoped they would. For whatever reason, they don’t find a niche and don’t sell.

You have to change your mind about these types of products.

Trying to stick with them will just cost you more money in the end.

The secret: Cut your losses fast and let your winners ride to the moon.

I’ve launched 500 products on Amazon – and this strategy has worked very well for me.

In this video I share 3 tips to help you potentially find ‘big winner’ products more often.

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