In his new book, Life And Reflections, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos reveals what inspired him to build ‘The Everything Store’.

And believe it or not, it all began with one email.

At the time, Amazon was a niche eCommerce store that sold books, videos and music.

It might have stayed that way, but one day Bezos received a message from a customer that said:

I wish you sold windshield wiper blades because I have to change them now.

At that moment, Bezos says he realised the huge opportunity of selling online – and the rest is history. Today Amazon is a $1 trillion company, and growing fast as the eCommerce sales boom.

The lesson for you?

Keep your radar open to the opportunities in your life.

What new Amazon product ideas have caught your attention? What problems could you solve?

Personally, I see a little ‘black book’ of product ideas – far more than I can even launch myself.

So, here’s a tip for you – one great niche is Pet products.

That’s because people are irrational about their pets – they will spend money they shouldn’t even really spend to make sure little ‘Charlie is comfortable and looked after

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