Did you catch the Friends reunion show?

How amazing was it?

It’s great to catch up with these amazing characters and find out more about what went on when they were making the show.

And we learned so much…

Like that little fact about Ross and Rachel that shocked the world!

Who would have guessed that there was a real-life crush between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer behind the scenes?

Their chemistry as Ross and Rachel obviously came from a very real place.

However, there’s something that the reunion show didn’t reveal to us that I’ve since discovered…

Each member of the cast of Friends earns 2% of the revenue generated by reruns each year.

And, that amounts to a staggering $20 million per year!

These guys are all set for life thanks to one beloved TV show.

And therein lies a lesson for us as an aspiring Amazon store owner.

What if you could have a product you put on Amazon once. And,  then potentially get paid “Royalties” based on sales – each and every month for years to come.

All from the same product – selling it over and over again.  Without ever ordering a single physical product from overseas.

That’s exactly what I am doing in my new ‘Amazon-Auto-Stores’ and I want to show you how it’s done too.

Let me show you the exact products I am selling on today’s Amazon Auto-Store Webinar.


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