Many of you reading this will be in ‘Lock-Down’ mode already – or heading that way fast.

And, many of you may be heading into a really tough place financially.

Particularly if your job is at risk or gone – or you’re one of the small business owners who are running out of cash – my heart goes out to you.

There will be a light at the end of this tunnel – and together we can get through this.

So, what do we do now? Well, I’m all about empowerment – helping you live your best life each day.

So here’s 5 of my best tips to not just survive but thrive in the Lock-Down
Get moving each day. Maybe you can’t go to the gym – but find an online Exercise or Yoga App – that works for you, and follow along. It will help you manage stress and feel good each day. Don’t let yourself go like this 80’s heartthrob!

Eat Good Food. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of vegetables etc. It will be easy just to ‘eat whatever’ in this challenging situation. But, that will make you feel worse, not better.
Be kind to people. None of us has been through this situation before – so everyone’s under a lot of stress. Take it easy on people – especially those you love. People are going to lash out due to stress – it doesn’t mean anything about you.
Read or listen to a Podcast each day on self-improvement, wealth education, spirituality or something else uplifting for 20 minutes per day With all the challenging news, you need to plant some positive seeds.
Don’t Get Sucked into News Black Hole

It’s easy to get sucked into spending hours becoming an amateur epidemiologist (infectious disease expert) – or start reading the news online or watch cable news all day.

And, yes, you do need to stay informed – but 15 minutes per day to get the latest news so you can follow best practice health/govt advice is enough.

Put on a timer and click off once it’s done.

Use the time you save to master new skills and expand your capacities.

That will give you wealth in the future and confidence now – instead of constant cortisol (stress) injections.

Your life is not on hold – you’re still living. Let’s make it count and thrive.
1,000 Bonus Points: Lean a new income-generating skill.

Here’s an obvious point: The high-income earning skill of 2020 is mastering eCommerce. That’s because online shopping is 100% booming.


Take Amazon for example, they were getting a staggering 200 million unique visitors a month to – before this crisis.

Imagine, what that would have skyrocketed to in this time of lock down, when online shopping is going through the roof.

In fact, Amazon sellers I speak to now have told me business has never been better – even while the rest of the economy free-falls.

That’s why I am running a webinar today to help you maximise the lock-down…and set up potential new income stream selling products on Amazon.


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Stay safe and keep moving ahead,

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