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Hey, guys, this is Adrian. I’m coming to you from the southern highlands. I’ve been with Sophie’s course for about almost two years, now. I worked as an analyst; now, I basically run my Amazon business full time. So a few key facts about me. Prior to Sophie’s course, I’ve tried a lot of things with online sales, didn’t really work out, courses weren’t as comprehensive as I had anticipated. Post Sophie’s course and during Sophie’s course, I got so much clarity about what I needed to do to succeed in the world of basically selling online. And Sophie’s course really gives you an in-depth breakdown as to what you need to do to succeed and all the steps you need to follow, from research to product sourcing to basically sales and customer service.

So prior to Sophie’s course, didn’t really have that clear direction as to where I needed to go. During and after Sophie’s course, I have so much clarity and confidence within myself that I’m able to really basically spend Thursday afternoon with these guys rather than being stuck in traffic. So any advice that I could give for anyone looking to start Sophie’s course: be consistent, put your mind to it and remember the reason or the why as to why you wanna do Sophie’s course. For me, the reason was so that I could spend more time with my family and my friends. Guys, we only live life once. You don’t wanna be working 50 years of your life to enjoy 20 years of retirement; you wanna be working 20 years of your life to enjoy 50 years of retirement. This is Adrian, signing off.

Adrian V

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Hi, my name is Anna. And I’m Ben. And we just wanna share a little bit about our experience with Sophie’s Blue Sky Amazon course. we are young and engaged and getting married this June and something else that’s a little bit wild that we’re throwing in the mix is after we get married, we’re actually moving across the country to start school. So we were looking for creative ways to really be able to finance our new adventure in life, but also just being able to enjoy being young, being newly married and all the fun that goes with that. So with this course, it allows you to be really flexible in how you construct your finances and really be able to support yourself and also just really creative ’cause you can come up with various ideas as well.

I really liked the course and I would encourage it for anybody who’s looking for something organized, needing that extra structure, and just the guidance because you actually get to participate in a community on Facebook. Which is really encouraging, really helpful and supportive with any questions that you might have. And this is the kind of job where you can also have the flexibility and the stability at the same time. Where you don’t feel like you’re tied down. So yeah, it works out. (laughs) It’s great. And we are just really excited to see where this journey will take us and really encourage you to check it out (laughs). Sorry, we actually had made another video and it just made it really made us laugh, but we just want to share really you can have so much fun with this. And it’s really brought us even closer together as a couple and being able to set everything up. And which just makes us even more excited to be married, even more excited to be able to live life and to be able to live large. So Best wishes and definitely recommend checking out. Bye. Bye.

Anna Everson

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Hi, my name is Carol and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I am a former school administrator and I’ve been retired for a few years. I came across Sophie’s ad on my iPad a few months ago. I decided to listen to the whole thing as I found it to be quite inspiring and I was right. I listened to it several times, as a matter of fact, and then decided to become involved. I went to the conference in Los Angeles which was absolutely fabulous. There were so many great presenters, fabulous people on Sophie’s team and I learned an incredible amount and felt very positive that I was able to do this selling on Amazon. I even made the commitment then to go to India in the next couple of months.

Since then, I’ve put my first product on Amazon and I think probably it took me a little bit longer as there were a lot of new things for me to learn about Seller Central and Helium 10 and Jungle Scout and Fiverr and many of the other tools that are available. Nevertheless, I’m feeling very positive and encouraged and looking forward to this next chapter which is quite different for my life. I really think that I’m probably the oldest student that’s in this group but that’s okay; if I can do this, anybody can. I realize that some people may feel a little unsure but the support that you get from Sophie’s team is fabulous so I really encourage you to give it a try and I think you’ll enjoy all the people that you meet and the results of your time and money. Thank you.

Carol McIntyre

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Hi, my name is Deb and I’m an interior designer from Auckland, New Zealand. My husband is also in construction; he’s a project manager. For some time, now, we’ve been looking for an alternative lifestyle. We’d really like to just chill out, we’d like to travel, we’d like to play with the grandchildren, we’d like financial freedom. Last year, we were listening to a podcast on YouTube, hosted by Sophie Howard of Blue Sky. This dream that she promoted was going to supply all of those things that we wanted for our dream so we talked to some people, we made some calls and ended up joining up and going to a conference in Auckland where we got a lot more information and we were really excited about the prospect of moving forward and creating a bright future for ourselves. I then went to India with the Blue Sky team which was absolutely awesome. They were supportive, they guided, they were hospitable, they made it warm and safe and it was just a really cool experience where I felt like I’ve made some friends forever.

The trade fair was excellent as well. I met some great suppliers and found some fabulous products. I come back home and we’ve done our due diligence and put together our branding and that’s been a really cool experience. We did have to dig in deep, getting our seller’s account with Amazon; that required patience and fortitude but we made it and we got there in the end and now we’re at the point where we’re just about to launch and I can only say that this whole experience has been so worth it. I’m very, very grateful, we both are, to Sophie and her team. We feel that we’re now going to have a bright future that’s going to be really exciting and achieve what we want to achieve, thank you.

 Deb Crowe

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Hi, my name is Joanne, and my story starts a few years ago when I became completely disillusioned and frustrated with the corporate world, despite having quite a successful job in industrial software, I decided life was too short, too short to do things you don’t really enjoy, I didn’t feel like I had purpose. I just got completely fed up with it. Now, for decades, my passion had been wildlife and photography, specifically African wildlife. So, I took the plunge, I left the business world, and I spent my life savings, stupidly, on a one year training course to become a safari guide in Africa, and I had the time of my life, it was incredible, I made so many friends, I didn’t want it to end, but I knew that my savings would run out, the rainy season would come, camp would close. I’d be forced to come back to the U.K., and I’d be forced to get a job again. So, I was gutted, I was living my dream and I just didn’t want it to end. So, I coured the internet and I looked for all kinds of things, and all of them required you to do a lot of work, a lot of effort, they required time or money or all sort of things that for six months of the year I wouldn’t have. I would be in Africa.

And then, I stumbled across Sophie’s video. Something about the way she spoke, her utter belief that anyone can do it, her enthusiasm was infectious. What can I say? It just felt right. So, I arranged an initial call, and I got started on the training modules that very same week, and within four months, I think it was four months, three or four months, I had my first private label up and selling in America. I had never even sold anything on eBay. I knew nothing about e-commerce. It was daunting, I’m not gonna lie. It was exhilarating, but it was such a buzz. And I’m now coming up to my one year anniversary of that very first call. I’ve got six products launched and five ideas on the way. Low enough volume that I don’t feel overwhelmed, but high enough volume that I am paying the bills, and it’s making sufficient profit to do whatever I want to do. More importantly, I don’t have to go back to the rat race. I don’t have to get another job, which is fantastic. I work for myself, sometimes I work in my pj’s, and for four months in the year I work from a luxury safari lodge in Africa, because all I need is wifi. So, I could not be happier. I feel totally free, and I can’t find a single reason not to continue following Sophie’s advice. She’s unlike all other Amazon sellers I’ve seen. She’s no nonsense, she’s determined, she’s honest, and I love that about her. And I’m so glad I made the leap before it’s too late. The thought of being back in the rat race and working all hours for fixed pay for someone else just makes me cringe.

Joanne Hedger

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Hi, my name’s Linda. I joined Sophie’s course in December 2019. I had been looking for a year to join the course, and I did do a weekend workshop just before I joined Sophie’s and found that the people that were running it were all about the money, and not really about looking after the people and getting them through the course, so I asked for my money back, I joined Sophie’s, I have been absolutely delighted. Sophie gives you every aspect that you can imagine, and any questions that you have can be answered in the course. I love the fact that they’re webinars, because when you are interrupted, you can pause them, and then come back to them. You can do them at your own speed, you can be as leisurely in doing the course, or you can be as quick as you want.

The other brilliant thing is that Sophie has the coaching, and the coaching is simply amazing. I have the best coach, she is formidable, and she is positive, and my last coaching session, she said we will get you through this together, and that’s what I like. My learning is slow, and I go over things many times, but once I retain it, that’s it. I found that the course is full of information, there isn’t anything that you can’t get in the course, which is absolutely exactly what you need. And I love the fact that Sophie says it’s not a walk in the park, it’s going to be gritty, you have to dig deep, but if you’re committed, and you’re going to put the work in, you will succeed, and that’s what we’re here for, to succeed. The other great thing about Sophie’s course is it’s one of the most affordable on the market, and I am delighted, and she’ll let you pay it off in installments. Thank you Sophie, you’ve made me very happy, look forward to being a winner.

Linda Sartor

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Hi my name is Melanie Williams and I am here today to create this video and talk to you aboutSophie’s Amazon course and how I came to find it and the path that it’s leading me on. I currently am an operationsmanager for an IT company, and also a mom of twoschool-aged children. And that’s what led mekind of down this path. About five years ago, I reallywanted to find something that I could do and run. I have, so in those few years, dabbled with quite a few different things and learnt so much along the way. A little bit about importing into New Zealand, where I live, and just kind of the start of businesses and getting my head around that. Those kind of two opportunities,as I would call them, were my first attempt at learning and I really kind of dugdown to what kind of business I really wanted to start.

And that’s when I found Sophie’s course. It came up in a Facebookfeed and I watched the video and it just hit so many buttons of why, I’ll call them my first attempts, didn’t quite work andit’s something I could do outside of having to quit mypart-time job at the moment. So I was happy to say that Isigned on to Sophie’s course in March last year, and yeah, it’s been really great so far. I feel like it’s likegoing along a journey and having someone walk beside you and being able to helpyou along that path. I currently am an Amazon seller, so that path’s got me myfirst product into Amazon, so I’m really stoked about that and seeing what the futureholds and how I can grow that. It was just really helpfulwith following a few of the videos and then diving in yourself and just having the Facebook group and the coaches, as well,were just really helpful of kind of pushing into thosenext steps when I got stuck. So yeah, I’m really lookingforward to what 2020 brings me. My goal is to list another five products and see where this venture goes. So for me, it’s like five,four, three, two, one, let’s go.

Melanie Williams

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Hello my name’s Peggy and I’m from beautiful Southern California where the weather’s always nice, however I love changing seasons and would very much appreciate being able to have a vacation home or at least the finances to travel, preferably both. I’ve started this Amazon adventure with Sophie so when my husband finally decides to retire we’ll have the finances to live our modest lifestyle to travel, to enjoy our grandchildren and to help others in need whenever we find that need. I first heard about Sophie’s course through a Facebook ad. After careful consideration of what I learned from the advertising videos and live information call I decided to take the risk and I’ve never been sorry. I began the course immediately. My Amazon store’s up and running, with help I’ve developed a website and I’m currently learning ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

 Sophie is the best in this business, her approach to quality and integrity is important to me and I want my business to be one I’m proud of, one I can boast about the quality of and one I can share with anyone I meet, anywhere, any time. I want it to be one that other people spread the news about. I wanna be above board in every aspect of this business. One of the huge benefits I’ve experienced in taking this course from Sophie is the access to experts in individual fields that are so important to a successful business, like accounting and legal, advertising and marketing and so much more. I’m not exactly a successful giant at this stage of the game, but I’m proud of the product I’ve chosen to sell, the research I’ve done, the numbers I’ve run, the coaching I’ve gotten, the relationship I’ve developed with the suppliers and the progress I have made so far. These things I can attribute to my education from Sophie and when you get Sophie you not only get her wealth of knowledge passed on to you, you get that of the like minded geniuses that she has surrounded herself with. It’s the real deal, the whole entire package, I believe well worth every penny I’ve spent.

Peggy Underwood

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Hello everyone, my name is Philippa Scobie and I live in the UK. I am actually an accountant by trade, but I came across Sophie’s Blue Sky Course whilst scrolling through Facebook. I thought I might give it a try, it sounded interesting. So, I signed up for the course and started to go through all the modules. And yeah, it was all fine, it was all fine, and then I got around to thinking about my first product. That was tough for me, being an accountant, not overly creative, I don’t think. So, I found it a bit tricky to generate ideas and to be fair, the first few ideas I had were not great. But that was the great thing about the course, was that I got to speak to my coach about them and she was able to explain to me why they weren’t great and then it was completely obvious to me. But it wouldn’t have been without that experience on the other end of the video cam. So, I have just launched my first product.

And I started the journey in October, so we’re now February. So yeah, it’s taken me about five months to get from start to launching my first product and I’ve sold two units, which I’m very, very excited about. It’s been tough. Amazon itself is a tough process in terms of opening your account and things like that. And yeah, I did get frustrated a few times, but the team are always there. The Facebook group were fantastic. I was able to ask questions, scroll through where people had asked the same questions as me maybe a few months ago and get the answers. So, that was kind of invaluable. And also my coach has been really, really great. We’ve struck up quite a good friendship and I’m able to speak to her as and when I need to, which is so helpful. And I’m quite excited, I’m getting ready now to launch my second product. So, it’s been a great journey and I do recommend the Blue Sky Amazon Course. There are plenty of others out there but Sophie’s course is fantastic and there’s so much support with it. Bye for now.

Philippa Scobie

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Oh hi, I’m Stefan, I’m from Brisbane in Australia. I have left a corporate career. I was just sick and tired of working 50, 60 hours a week starting early, finishing late and, and I could not imagine doing this until I retire or worse, until a heart attack would put an end to that. Then I stumbled across Sophie talking about her course, and at first I was very skeptical, “Here we go, someone else is trying to sell me  something,” and I left it, but it was stuck in my head and I came back to that. I’ve, I’ve done my research, I’ve asked the questions and what I really like was that Sophie does things differently. She is there online and in person through seminars and conferences. I also have had the access to coaches for the personal interaction if there was anything urgent or anything related to my personal product.

For anything in general, there is a lot of support from fellow students and also a lot of theory you can go through. So where I’m at now, I’ve designed a product, I’ve had it manufactured and it at Amazon and selling. Is it selling enough yet, no. There is still some tweaking to do, there is still some learning to do, which I hope I will be learning for the rest of my life. There is also help from the coaches, but I do look forward to the day when I can leave my day job. I am very confident about being able to do that. My tips to you, do Sophie’s course. Ensure you keep a day job to support you throughout. Look at it as your second student life. You work to support yourself, but you focus on your studies, you focus on your exams and you focus on your assignments. Set yourself some goals and be persistent, it’ll take time. It might take a failure before you succeed, but it’ll pay at the end. Hope that helped.

Stefan Fuchs

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Good evening, my name’s Steven Wade, I’m actually an electrician by trade, but I’ve recently bought a hotel, and for the last few years I’ve been in a few different businesses, and this is the latest business, which is a small country hotel. Now, it’s an active income, so we work hard every day, and we’re doing very well out of the business, but I knew many years ago that I needed to create a passive income. I’ve dabbled on the Internet for quite a few years, building websites, doing drop shipping, and selling on eBay and Amazon to a lesser degree, and I’ve tried most things and not failed, but I haven’t created a passive income big enough to actually replace my active income. I saw Sophie’s program advertised on the Internet, and it looked a lot more secure and firmer, and it looked like there was some good mentorship, and some good leadership available there from people who’d actually got the runs on board. Now that’s what attracted me, I needed some proof that I was going to invest, but it was going to be worthwhile me investing. I’m now 60 years old, so my window of opportunity is closing, so I have to make things count now over the next few years.

I’ve been on the program for a few months, getting fantastic results already. I’ve had a lot of products imported and I’ve sold them myself, but that’s chasing things to the post office, and so forth. The Amazon FBA, which is a total passive income for a little, you know 10-15 hours a week with the Internet, is very attractive to me, and I’m about to put my first product up, I’ve been walked through it all the way along, with Sophie’s program, with the coaches who’ve got the runs on the board, like I said, they’ve already done it themselves, so they know what they’re talking about. It’s better to learn from people who’ve made mistakes, that way you don’t make those same mistakes, you learn by those mistakes that others have made, and that can save you a lot of time, and a lot of money. So it is really important that you find a good mentor, Sophie’s program has some great coaches, I’ve spoken to a few already and I know I’m moving along absolutely at the perfect pace to really set myself up in the next six months, so I can only recommend it, it is amazing, and I’m so happy I’m with this program, so I encourage you to plug in, book in, learn, push yourself, and you too will be successful. Good luck.

Steven Wade

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Hi everyone, my name is Alex. – And my name’s Aiden. – And this is our one year old daughter, Aurora. – (gurgles) Hi! (Alex and Aiden laughing) – [Alex] We are about a year, a little over a year into selling and we’ve just launched our first successful product, which is on track to replace and even exceed our current monthly income. We want a life of flexibility, we want a life of freedom, we wanna spend our time with our family and traveling, and having a job where we can work from anywhere in the world allows us that freedom. We really resonated with Sophie’s private label method. It felt authentic to us.

Aiden and I always knew that we wanted to start a business to serve other people, we just didn’t know what and we didn’t know how and we felt like the private label method where we would be able to create our own brand with its own personality, on Amazon’s platform to showcase our products, to serve other people, felt the most like us. We learned so much in just one year, we also have an amazing coach through Sophie’s program. To anyone starting out we would just say, have fun. Try new things, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes and trust that the framework that you need is all laid out perfectly for you in Sophie’s course.

Alexandra Wiatr

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Hi, my name is Laura. I’m Romanian. I’ve been living in the United Kingdom for six years now with my 14-year-old son and my partner. I have a full-time job in a media company and I been selling (murmurs) since November 2019. So my work, I got introduced to the world of digitalin and then I bought the commerce. Then that commerce is eating away market share for of the big brick and mortar retailers. Since (murmurs) shops are closing down. Traditional FMCG manufacturers are not doing better either. Their product endorsement, their packaging, their distribution is not fit for online sales. So, I thought I should get to learn more about the commerce maybe a get or create an extra source of income. You know school fees are not cheap. So this is how I came across Sophie’s course, why I chosen Sophie’s course is because it teaches you how to build your own brand and site, she studie for herself, she has an amazing capability of turning her experience into standard processes, but apart from that she has something more, she’s an extraordinary charismatic trainer, I met her twice. Once in Bristol last year in June and I remember how she kept a whole audience captive, two hundred plus people for the entire day. Other courses are about selling unbranded products or wholesaling.

This one is different, this one teaches you the short term revenue driver but also the long term game so, it’s like buying a house instead of renting it. I struggle looking for products, I follow Sophie’s advice of looking for something that is close to my area of interest, what I love, I found something, my partner was also a shareholder in the business, the strict part of the enterprise, came up with a brand name and a branding strategy, we found a manufacturer in China through Alibaba. My partner traveled to China to meet the manufacturer, and we had our first order delivered to Amazon on October 2019. I think when you know you set your mind to achieve a goal, the universe will find a way to make it happen. This is to say that it didn’t come well to changes, we encountered a few bumps along the way, like my product being stuck in Hong Kong airport during the riots in October for almost a week. It’s not only that I learned to be more positive about the entire journey because I know now that I can achieve what I set my mind to achieve. But imagine what a terrific example this for the teenager in my household. I have three listings with twelve aces active on Amazon now, seven of them are out of stock in less than two months, I’ve achieved, I’ve sold product twenty thousand US dollars. And I second all the ship to Amazon three weeks ago. I’m looking now into options to expand beyond Amazon and Sophie’s training is also taking care of that with Facebook and ClickFile courses. I would say the only things that one needs to bring in, in order to succeed, are resilience and determination anything else is there waiting for you to make up your mind. All our sales count today for ten maximum fifteen percent in US and it’s the inevitable way going forward. Imagine when this reaches thirty or forty percent. How much demand is being created out there waiting for sellers like us to fulfill it. So good luck to all fellow course.

Badea Laura Ioana


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Hi, I’m Caroline Domanska and I’m a mindset coach from Berkshire in the U.K. I found out about Sophie’s course after listening to some podcasts and seeing it advertised on Facebook. I resonated with Sophie because she’s a mum, just like me, got a three year old and another one on the way, and I was looking to make good income on my own terms, just like Sophie’s talks about, with flexibility around her children and that’s exactly how I see my life being set up. I was intrigued by Sophie’s approach, it seemed to be, there was a lack of cookie cutter which I didn’t want that approach so then there was more ndividualization. Sophie herself had tried those big name courses but had worked out her own way of doing things which I could see had some sustainability and longevity in the business rather than sort of a one hit wonder, which is what I wanted from setting up an Amazon business myself. Before I took the course I did have some passive income streams but the majority of my income came from face to face coaching work. I knew I wanted a second baby and I also knew from my experience first time around that working one on one and having a newborn baby those two things don’t mix very well. So I was looking for another income stream that would allow me some time off.

I’m really really pleased that I took the course, it’s allowed me to create that income stream that is a bit more behind the scenes, I don’t have to be the face of it, it’s something I can work on anytime of the day, so late at night or nap times or anything like that. The step by step approach of the course and the support from Sophie’s coaches as well as the weekly webinars have really transformed me from being confused, like where do I start, to now having a system that I can follow. I’ve launched one product successfully and that’s bringing me in a regular income now and I know I can replicate that time and time again and I’m on search now for my product number two. The biggest win is that this baby is due in March and I know I can either keep working on the business because it will fit in, you know in those sort of small moments of down time that I’ll have, or indeed I could just leave it ticking away in the background for me whilst having time off with the little one, and that is completely priceless right? So if you are considering doing Sophie’s course, please do take the plunge. You can do this, follow the steps, be enthused and motivated by Sophie’s no nonsense approach, she’s really informative and she’s really genuine, she wants everybody to succeed and everybody to succeed well and have a long term business with Amazon. Get the results that you want so you can start bringing in an income that works for you no matter what else is going on in your life.

Caroline Domanska

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Hello, I’m Holly. I live on the South Coast of England, not far from London. I’m a qualified dog trainer and behaviorist. I’ve had my own dog school for about 13 years now, and I came up with an idea for a product to sell on Amazon last year when I got this little fluff ball. I logged on to try to buy something and found that it didn’t exist. So I started to research how to sell on Amazon, and that’s when Sophie’s course popped up in my Facebook feed. I turned in to her free one-hour webinar. To be honest, I wasn’t intending to sign up, but she was just so relatable, so professional, and so inspiring that I did sign up, and within about a week I found that it was worth its money. One of the highlights for me was definitely attending her Bristol conference last year. It was just lovely to be in a room full of such inspiring business entrepreneurs, and more importantly I met two lovely ladies there who live really, really local to me, and we actually set up a little group. There’s now five of us. We meet weekly. I like to call them my accountability team. We’ve all got dogs. We’ve got a lot of dog walks as well, which is really lovely.

And I think that’s just so lovely, to have that sort of support as well. Just a little about me — I’m a single mom and I’ve got two little boys. They’re aged four and six, and actually, as part of my divorce settlement, I have to either buy or sell our family home next year. So what was so lovely about signing up for Sophie’s course is it’s kind of like a fast track to selling on Amazon, so I felt like, if I could sell my products faster, and have the support of her team, I’d have more of a choice over our immediate future and what our next step was going to be. Now I’m really, really confident. I feel like I know how I’m going to get there. I know how to advance with my brand, I know the next stages, which is just so lovely to have that sort of confidence. So, I would just like to say thank you you much, Sophie, for being brave and putting all your content out there, and for helping us to take the shortcuts and learn from the normal pitfalls that people fall into on Amazon. For any of you out there who are considering taking the course, I would say go for it. What have you got to lose? It’s, the support that you get is priceless, really. And I’d just say good luck. I mean, the number one tip I’d probably give to you right now is to believe in yourself. Do not give up. And that is what is going to set you apart from the competition. Good luck, bye.

Holly Keeling

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Hello, I am Kristin, I am in the UK. I am fairly new to the Amazon world, I come from the hospitality background. I’ve recently sold my hospitality business and I worked in that trade for 20-odd years. So I was looking for something where I didn’t have to work every hour under the sun. I wanted something with a much better work-life balance. I came across the Amazon opportunity on Facebook and it really appealed to me because I could choose my own hours, work from home, if I didn’t want to, I didn’t have to hire staff and deal with all the stress that that brings, or deal with customers, all day long. So that’s what really appealed to me. At first, I thought I would be able to do it on my own, I thought I’d be able to find the information I needed to learn what I needed to learn, but the more I got into it, the more I realized that I needed some help and I needed some advice from someone that was doing it the right way, that knew what they were talking about. There’s lots of gurus out there and experts, but I wanted to learn the right way and that’s what attracts me to Sophie’s course, she just seemed genuine, right from the off.

And that I really liked the structure of the course, with the coaches and having one-on-one time with coaches and being part of a community where I could interact with other students so I wasn’t doing it all on my own. And I’m really glad that I did choose Sophie’s course because I’ve only been selling for a couple of months, but I already know, the way my products are going, that I’ve done things the right way and that I’ve learnt the right way using your methods that Sophie teaches. My first product went live couple of months ago and three weeks ago, I launched another nine products, so I’m only just a few weeks in to having all those products, but I’m already selling between 10 and 20 units a day and that’s making about between 300 and 600 US dollars a day, so it’s still early days, but I’m really pleased with how it’s going, so far, one of the best bits for me is, while I put all the hard work in, I go to bed and my products sell while I’m asleep. So I wake up and check my account to see, (laughing) to see how many of my products have sold, which is so different from my hospitality life. And probably, the most important thing, for me, on a personal level is I’ve recently lost a very special family member and because I now work from home, the last couple of months, I’ve been able to spend caring for that family member and spending time and I got to be there at the very end when it really mattered. So sales, figures and numbers and everything is all wonderful, but at the end of the day, it’s time with loved ones that is the most precious, for me anyway. So I’m really grateful that I’ve been able to do that because had I still been in my old life in hospitality, or most any other nine-to-five job, I wouldn’t have been able to take that time, that precious time. So for anyone that’s considering doing Sophie’s course, just do it, you’ll learn so much, you’ll be so grateful, you gotta put the hard work in, but you have so much support around you, in an industry that is a little bit lonely, sometimes, just you and your computer screen, I really don’t feel alone ’cause I have the one-on-one time with coaches and the community around you, you get to know the other students and you can have as much interaction with them as you want to. So it really is a great community with a lotta support there if you need it. So just do it, you won’t regret it. Best of luck.

Kirstin Viggers

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Hi guys, my name is Lucy, I’m a remedial massage therapist here in Melbourne. I’m a mom with three kids. And I work from home most of the time. So I was looking for some way to find a bit of, I guess, a bit of a side hustle that would help assist me in having that full time income but not actually sacrificing my time in order to find that balance between my kids and my work life. So yeah, so I went looking for a course or some avenue that would help satisfy that criteria. And considered selling on Amazon for a long time, actually for several years but didn’t actually know which steps to take, how to do it, it was quite overwhelming and intimidating. However, I was quite savvy as far as finding out what side hustles would suit me in my lifestyle. I went on a trip to Guatemala, May 2019, and found a fantastic supplier of products there for a Women’s Cooperative that really worked in line with my values. So what I wanted to do was then find a way that I could help these women and support them as well through their community and raising their children. These are women who have experienced hardship and have very minimal employment opportunities. So I thought Amazon would be a good platform for me to be able to assist them and also help me balance my lifestyle a bit better as well. When I was looking for an Amazon course, I came across Sophie’s course and liked her approach because she was very relatable and also had similar values to me as far as managing children but not wanting to sacrifice too much time with children and live, I guess, a different sort of lifestyle.

So as I found Sophie, so relatable, I decided to sign up for her course. Before having done the course, the challenges that I came up against was how to find a product that would actually sell on Amazon instead of going in blindly. So how do you actually do the research and know that you’re not just going to spend thousands of dollars on a product and then end up losing a lot of money because you haven’t done your due diligence and don’t know what you’re up against as far as competitors go. So, and also how to how to find suppliers, ethical suppliers, not ethical suppliers necessarily suppliers who are going to do the right thing by you, I guess. Anyway, so I found Sophie. And as a result of doing the course was able to understand the process really clearly through the step by step modules and the assistance of the coaches. So after spending a few months doing all that research and finding out what is going to actually work. I applied what I learned and found a product that I felt was going to work well. So I took the plunge and actually got the product up and running and I got it in quarter four. So I managed to get the product in about three months ago, at partly halfway through quarter four, and was very, very happy to find that I was instantly on page one, and instantly making sales. So that was a huge success for me and continue to do more sales. So I realized that the products, my first product was actually seasonal, so seasonal product. So now I’m working on increasing my product base to non seasonal products. So products that will sell all year round. And I’m thrilled to say that I am now an active supporter of these Women’s Cooperative in Guatemala. Helping them to sustain financial independence and improve their quality of life and the quality of life of those people within that community. So if you are considering doing the Amazon course, I would highly recommend working with Sophie because she works with integrity, and her coaches offer you full support, and I couldn’t be happier with the results from doing the course. So thank you and all the best. Good luck.

Lucy Scott

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Hi, my name is Nicole. I joined Sophie’s course in August last year. And I have been through a hectic very quick journey. I’ve listed all across Europe and in the US. And my first shipment is on its way to the US at the moment. This definitely would not have been possible without me joining Sophie’s course. ‘Cause I actually registered a brand in 2016, a trademark. First time I tried to register it it got challenged. And then the second time I managed to get it listed in the EU which was a huge achievement. But after that I didn’t really know what to do with it because I have never sold anything in my life. I’m an accountant, I do a day job in the office. And I heard Sophie’s speech about office politics and that struck a chord with me and I decided I wanted to try this.

So I eventually made my first sales in January with, with which I was very delighted. And, as I said my first shipment is on, on its way to the US. I’ve started a clothing brand. Linked to a sport that I love and have expanded the product range and the brand and I’ve learned so much about advertising and selling. The only advice that I can give to anyone who’s embarking on this journey is that they listen to every word that Sophie says. I’ve actually had Amazon call me about my advertising to try and give me some more support. Don’t take their advice, listen to every word that Sophie says and you will get there and you will make sales which is fantastic. Thank you.

Nicole Fowler

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Hi there, my name’s Peter Judd, I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m involved in the training industry at the moment. I saw Sophie’s advertisement online. I was looking for a business that would not be hours-based, in other words, it would work when I wasn’t. Also I wanted to have something that would be locationally independent, I could work from anywhere. The other thing I suppose too, is I didn’t want something that would require a formal certification. I mean, it’s a bit late for me to be a doctor, or a welder, or something. I just really wanted to have a business that I could run with. The other thing, as far as looking at other training courses go, I did look at a number of others, and I felt that Sophie’s overall was more down-to-earth. I felt that it had less hype, and I felt that, in a word, it was genuine, and that’s proved to be the case. I launched my first product in December 2019. So it’s been a couple of months. I’ve sold a few products, but I’m not satisfied yet. There’s a lot more to come, it’s a work in progress, but I have started.

I guess the big change that occurred with me was the new language. I mean, what the heck is PPC? What’s private laboring, what’s, labeling? What’s FBA? All these different things. How do I find a product? How do I know if it’s gonna be viable or not? Why am I selling this product? Why am I pursing it? What’s the problem that I’m trying to solve in selling this product? What’s helped me throughout the course? Perseverance I think, learning perseverance is a key. Stories from others, it really helped as well. The coaching sessions are really valuable, in fact, they’re essential. And also, most importantly, for me personally, it was a track to run on. I need a track to run on. The main difference that, that’s made for me, overall, is an awareness that I can be part of something that actually works as a business. And if you’re considering joining Sophie’s training course, I’d recommend that you check out the other ones first. Put the dipstick in, put the feelers out, make sure this one’s for you. And if it is, jump in, boots and all, and give it 100%. All the very best with your business.

Peter Judd

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Hi, I’m Shelley Karutz. And also a musical artist called Lacunae Glow. I first heard about Sophie’s course on Facebook, and then attended a seminar. I found that, the opportunity seemed like a great one, and that Sophie’s communication was very authentic and she seemed very real and approachable. So I signed up on the day. I also had an injury and was unable to work at the time. So I was looking for ways to supplement my income as I was unsure if I was going to be at it, going back to work full-time. And so yeah, I joined Product University, and since then I have developed a product. I found that the coaches at Product University were invaluable in helping me to decide, with my ideas what to go ahead with. So, they did guide me, against some products, which has been great.

And, they guided me with what they believed was the best idea that I had come up with, with the product. So, I still have a long way to go with my goals, and I’m selling in Amazon USA. I’m going to build a brand around the product that I’ve developed and with the big picture of onselling that brand. The Product University community itself, I really enjoy and have made lots of friends. It’s good to be surrounded by like-minded people and, also the ongoing development in education I enjoy with the mindset, as well. So, if you’re considering the opportunity, I’d say go for it, put in the work, make it happen for yourself and, enjoy your journey with Amazon. I hope that my story may have helped you, and look forward to seeing you in the community. Okay, thanks. Signing off for now and thanks for listening.

Shelley Karutz

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Video take 55. (laughing) – Hi, my name’s Lee Anne and this is my husband Steve and we live in sunny Northland in New Zealand. And currently our day job is as new home consultants for a building company. – So since we heard about Sophie’s Course we now also have an Amazon business. We had been looking for a product based online business. Something that would give us greater opportunities to travel and better financial freedom. – And it’s a gold mind of information on running an Amazon business. Step by step lessons on everything. – We had help getting our accounts open and learning the Amazon system. – Finding product ideas and assessing them. Communicating with suppliers in places like India and China. Something I thought we’d never be doing. – And right through to getting our listings right on Amazon.

 The coaches and the advice and the instructions, fantastic! – This is really given us the confidence to move forward. And also we’ve been traveling already. We went on one of Sophie’s Groups Tours to a trade fair in India and we absolutely had a ball! – So in the few short months since we’ve started, we have our professional sellers account open, our first trademark is underway, we have Amazon enhanced branding, and our first product is selling! As of today our second product is about to hit the shelves. It’s just arrived at Amazon’s warehouse. We know it’s still early days but we already feel like a success. And we know that with the training support that we’re getting we’ll reach our financial goals. If you’re looking for a new adventure that will result in more free time and a relatively passive income I can’t think of a better option than joining Sophie’s Supportive Community.

Steven Jaycock

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Hi, my name is Yvonne, and I signed up to Sophie Howard’s Amazon business course about a year ago. And I’m so glad I did. In 2018, I looked for a part time job and applied for many, many jobs. I never got one the whole year. I did it for a whole year. And so I was looking for something that gave me time to spend with my family, and for me to do other things. And so I came across Sophie Howard’s course on Facebook, and I looked at other courses, similar Amazon business courses, and I’m so glad I signed up to Sophie, so not another one.

Her course is so good. Her strategies for finding profitable products work, you also get access to coaches, and for me that’s absolutely invaluable to help someone like me who’s never been in business to get started. So the coaches are so helpful and such a wealth of information. Apart form that I have a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying it. This year I’ve learned so many new things. I have began selling on Amazon and it’s really fun. There may not be fun for everybody but I can tell you that Sophie Howard’s course is excellent and she also runs her course with integrity and her businesses with integrity, and I like that. I would highly recommend a course for anybody even if you’re not business orientated. There are so many benefits to it.

Yvonne Skilton-Lottering

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The Blue Sky Seminar, it’s been going on for the last three days and it was an investment of time that was incredibly worthwhile. While everything is on the modules already if you’ve signed up, just being here and having the interaction with all the other attendees, built some great relationships, have done quite a bit of networking, as well as being able to hear the questions that are being asked, hear the answers, just a lot more insight and it just really pulls the whole thing together for you.

My favorite part has been I think really the professionals that Sophie has brought in that have enhanced the modules, whether it’s the legal aspect, the sourcing aspect, all the different parts that really have filled in some of the gaps. I definitely feel ready to go. I’m super excited. My husband and I are both really excited to just get that product going. We have a lot more confidence in what we’re doing now.

This program is absolutely the real deal. Sophie and her team have taken the time to really put all the resources together to support you. This is not a sales gig. This is to make sure that the investment you’ve already made, you’re going to have the resources you need to pull through and be successful. And that, of course, is what we’re all here for. We’re all looking forward to that, and that is what this program’s about. So I’d highly recommend everyone come do this.

Jennifer P.

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Well, first of all, when I went through the training, I had a lot of questions. And then seeing Safi on the stage and knowing she’s going to be there, I thought, “I cannot pass this opportunity.” My favorite part about Blue Sky event was the energy in the room. It was fantastic and I’m learning so much more and just knowing that this is such a huge opportunity to be a successful business owner.

You know what the best part is? I don’t have the fear anymore. A fear to get started. It’s fantastic. I am just like, “Whoa, let’s go. Let’s do it.” If you’re thinking to go to the next event, you definitely have to be there because Amazon Business is constantly growing, and there’s always something new to learn. And in order to be successful on it and on top of it, you have to come to the next event. Absolutely.

Kristina Hess

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I came to the Blue Sky event because I am interested in being an Amazon seller. I also came because the teacher, Sophie Howard is a woman and she really empowered me with the message that she sent. It was very informative, a very full program, nicely laid out, some creative topics, and then some really informative business topics that might not be everybody’s favorite, but things you’ve got to know. And it was fun to make new friends, like-minded friends that want to do the same thing as I want to do.

It’s almost impossible to figure this out on your own because there is so much to know. So I would suggest if you’re really serious about starting a business, selling on Amazon, and you’re serious about being successful to come and learn the material at an event like this.

Speaker 1

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I started working with Sophie back in 2016, when I left my job at a big law firm. And in 2016 I started trying to sell on Amazon. As a quasi stay at home dad type situation and blossomed into good relationships across our whole community. It’s a very tight knit community and eventually that led to me trying to do what I can to help other eCommerce entrepreneurs get everything set up.

I was attracted to Sophie because she’s intellectual and she’s smart and she looks at this as running a real business and not just a get rich quick scheme. So it’s well worth the investment and the time to become part of her community. Sophie helped by introducing me to this whole Amazon business model and her full course is set up to take you from a to Z with what you need to know to pick a good product and get it sold. I think if you wanted to learn how to sell products on Amazon and do it the right way and build a business that is meant to be something to help you in your future, then Sophie’s a good person to work with for that.


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So this event really took my knowledge to the next level. It’s really informational. It’s helped me to think through the process and get excited about getting my first product on Amazon. My wife and I came to this event because it was a chance to meet Sophie and see her in person. And kind of put concepts into reality for us. It made things come to life and it helped us to know that we can actually do this.

I think for anybody coming to this event, I would encourage them, it would be a definite win-win situation. Where your kind of isolated, sitting by yourself at home, and you get into a community of people that are all trying to do the same thing and they’re all positive about it. And then you get to meet Sophie and her team and realize that it’s not the hype. It’s like you need to do the work and it can happen for you. So if you’re thinking about coming to the next Blue Sky event, I would say do it. Make it happen because it’s going to take you from step one to step five really fast. And it’s going to make it a reality for you.

Michael Kitada

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I came to this event to learn about selling on Amazon and I feel like it had a lot of potential for a valid business. I think the event is really successful. It’s very useful knowledge that we can apply right away and I feel like we’re learning from the best and that there is a high chance of success. My favorite part was meeting other people who have the same interests and exchanging information. Someone would come to this event if they want to learn about this lifestyle, learn about the business of Amazon. It’s a wide open field and the skills can be applied to many different things and it’s a win win. I would highly recommend this for people who are looking for a business that they can do from their home or wherever they want. That gives them a lot of freedom to live the life that they want to lead. If you’re thinking about coming to this event, I definitely think you should. If you’re a person who likes to gather knowledge and apply it and bring your skills to life and to actually use them and take your life to where you want it to go.

Sharon Plummer

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I came to the Blue Sky event because I wanted to get inside information that you can’t just find out there. This has been like a family gathering from people all over the world. It’s been very close knit and there’s a sense of inside information that I know has been tried and tested from Sophie and her crew. My favorite part of the event has been the Q&As from so many different people, so many different walks of life all over the world. I feel a lot more self-assured in stepping out into this big, vast world of Amazon. I feel like the information that I have received has been information that Sophie and her group have gained through their experience. If you’re thinking of coming to Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky event, please come. You will not regret it and it will change your life.

Debbie Caldwell

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The event that I’m at is Blue Sky and it’s about starting an Amazon business and it’s really a fabulous event. I’ve learned so much. My favorite part is when Sophie speaks, because when Sophie speaks, I feel like she is here because she wants me personally to be successful. I feel like she is here to teach me how to do everything right and how to be successful, and she wants to help other people have the success that she’s had in her life. And I think it’s wonderful and fabulous. So I feel that from the very first day I was here after the first hour, I have felt so confident that I can do this. There’s not been a doubt in my mind since I’ve been here.

Denise Jensen

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By coming here, I thought I’d get immersed not just with the people of Blue Sky, but all the other attendants that are here. I am a business owner now. I did set up my LLC and the information I’m getting from the seminar has been very beneficial in getting it growing and allowing me to get started and to see how I could scale and see what the future does hold if we apply all the things that we are taught here.

Well my favorite part in this event here was first of all meeting Sophie, seeing her in the flesh. She is as real as it gets. She oozes with integrity, enthusiasm, passion, and a strong desire to teach us how to do it so we can replicate what she has done here. The individual seminars that she gave obviously for purpose or experiences, the in depth knowledge and the just tidbits of information she gets pulls from her knowledge has just been very, very beneficial.

So if you’re thinking about coming to an event like this to help improve your business, to build, or even start your business, I was strongly encouraging you to do this, because you will walk away here enthused with a strong passion and the information you need to build and scale your business.

Speaker 1

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The reason why I came to the Blue Sky event was because I wanted to learn more so we could become more flexible with our job and create a brand and find out all the details and the inner workings of Amazon. I could guess for the next year and do it on my own and go through probably more ups and downs, or I could learn it right now and get started a lot quicker.

My favorite part of this event was learning what not to do because I think that’s why people don’t make money and aren’t successful, is they don’t know what to do and then they guess and then they have to keep guessing and guessing. So if you already know what not to do, then you know what to do. And then you can get started quicker.

With all the knowledge I learned from Sophie and all the guest speakers, it’s going to help us hone in on exactly what products we think are going to work and not work and help us build our brand.
Jean A.:Why someone would come to this event is because Sophie Howard has already done this multiple times successfully. So she was not a one off. And she’s collaborated and with other successful people who have helped hone in her whole operation. And so you’re learning from somebody who really knows what she’s doing, and loves it and is passionate about it at the same time, which I like because you want to be able to be creative and be passionate about what you do.

If you’re thinking about coming to the next event, I would say my advice would be to go for it and do it. There’s always something to learn and there’s very successful people here who can teach you the ropes and get you started on a lot quicker path than if you were just bouncing around trying to figure it out on your own.

Jean A.

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I’d been searching for secondary income sources and looking at a lot of different things. I have a seasonal business and I’m a huge Amazon shopper. I own their stock. I wanted to be involved but I really wasn’t quite sure how to do that. I basically feel like I’ve been shown the path to wealth here, and I know it’s not a quick thing and I’m not doing it as that. But all of the things that would have taken me a long time to figure out have been laid out for me, and now I know what to focus my time on and what to delegate, and feel very confident in my ability to start this business. And I know it’s going to be hard work and take time, but I think I’m very confident in my ability to get this to seven figure sales.

But as you sit at home by yourself and you know, it’s difficult to share this excitement with your family if they’re not doing it with you. There’s just no substitutes for being around a group of likeminded people. So I’m in a room with people that are, for the most part, in the same situation I am. So my excitement then is shared with all of them. There’s a feeling of community. I don’t really have much to share with folks like my family, because they’re not involved. But I just met people, so I’ve a little community I can communicate with and feel part of. And that’s a good thing.

Stuart Bremner

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I was looking at the idea that maybe coming to the conference would really help me get a good strong footing on beginning this journey. My business is just beginning. I’m just looking at this venture as a possible journey, but I’ve jumped in with two feet and I want to make a go of it and I believe I can, so I think that being here with all of these great facilitators and all the people around me has given me the head start I need to get going on it and I’m grateful. All of it’s been good. I think that the social was good to get to know and be able to meet with the facilitators and the speakers individually and the breaks have been good to allow discussion. But learning all the information has really been quite eye opening. It’s all been great.

If you really wanted to be motivated to help yourself take on the challenge of opening up an online business, coming to an event like this would give you that motivation and give you that urge to go ahead and dare to dream. And even if you fail, you just keep dreaming and do it again. There are a lot of people here to support you, and I really felt that that was very beneficial for me at this time. I think you would enjoy it and I think it would help give you whatever propulsion you need to get you going on your journey over having an online business.

Anne Belanger

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I came to the Blue Sky event because I was entranced by Sophie Howard and her way of teaching. I do not know anything about business and I am learning quite a lot. It’s important to come to events like this because I have learned quite a few things that I was not familiar with, and it’ll teach me how to be a better salesperson.

The favorite part about this event with the Blue Sky Amazon teaching has been the whole experience. It’s just been phenomenal. Great speakers showing me the necessary tools to have booming business with Amazon. My knowledge level of this business has definitely been raised since I’ve attended this conference, and I know what other things I need to do in order to create a successful business. I highly recommend it. You’ll be very enlightened. You’ll think about things in a more specific light and great fun, great people. Awesome.


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I came to the Blue Sky event to learn how to start my own Amazon business. Because I wanted more freedom to travel and live anywhere and be able to have a job where I’m working for myself. I think the event has been great, not only with the speakers but also with everyone I’ve met. I think it’s been super motivating. Yeah, super energizing to do some work on building a business. My favorite part has been listening to Sophie speak in person because her energy is just probably the number one motivating factor that has pushed me to make progress on building my business. And seeing her in person is invaluable. Yeah, I think I’ve definitely raised my level of knowledge.

I think this event is for anyone, anyone who’s wanting to build an Amazon business, anyone who has ideas. Anyone who is thinking about it and has a desire to start but feels a little intimidated. I think being here in person has made it feel much more doable. It can actually work for you. And meeting people who have actually been in your seat previously who are now speakers and teaching the methods, I think has been a game changer too. For anyone that’s thinking about coming to the next event, I would highly recommend it. I think that seeing Sophie speak and having access to her as a resource in person has just been incredible. Having access to all the other speakers in person has been invaluable experience and has been a game changer for me.

Anita Josh

*Please note that every students experience and program results will be different. These videos are shared to share these particular students individual experience.