I live in a little town in the southern mountains of New Zealand.

And every summer, it gets super dry and hot. That presents a little bit of a challenge because I like to keep a nice lawn. I have kids who love running around and I do enjoy a nice barbecue every now and again.

It’s important to me that this lawn stays in nice shape…

…And it’s because of this lawn that I get angry every single year!

You see, I have to go to the local hardware store to buy a bunch of products. I have to get sprinkler hoses, pipes, pipe fittings, and a hose. Each. Year.


The stuff I buy seems to always only last precisely one summer!

I’m not buying from disreputable places, either. I go to decent brand name stores so I expect to get quality for the amount of money I

But every year, it’s the same old story.

I turn up, look around, and eventually have to settle for these cheap-feeling plastic products that they sell because that’s already the best they got.

As expected, none of it lasts. And it’s really frustrating!

But as angry as that makes me, there is a lesson here for anybody who’s thinking about selling on Amazon.

If I came to you with this problem, it should set your mind in motion.

What you see here is a gap in the market. It’s pretty clear that the people supplying these major stores aren’t focused on the quality of their products. And I’d bet they have a bunch of disgruntled customers like me who want a better option.

As an Amazon seller, you may be able to provide that option!

You could be the person who creates higher-quality versions of all of the products that I just talked about.

And you can use Amazon to get them online and in front of people like me, who feel so frustrated.

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