Did you know that Amazon maintains a fleet of Boeing aircraft?

And, not it’s not for their top-executives to jet from place to place.

And it’s not a big “mystery” either.

In fact, these cargo planes play a huge role in helping the company move stock from location to location.

That means they’re crucial for getting your products to the people who buy them.


The fleet just got bigger…

On June 3rd, Amazon announced that it’s leased a further 12 planes, which means their fleet stands at 80.


They need them to help deal with the massive surge in online orders since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic!

And on top of this, they’re also opening up more regional air hubs. The goal here is to make their logistics network even smoother to help sellers continue to serve their customers.

You can also see how hard it is to compete with Amazon. Who wants to go up against a company that has its own airline!

So, what does this mean for you?

Maybe you’ve had the idea of starting your own Amazon business knocking around your head for a while.

You have all sorts of questions floating around in your head…

Is this the right time?

Can any new business succeed in the current landscape?

But moves like this by Amazon show you that there is an opportunity available for you.

Yes, there are many types of businesses that you might not want to start right now.

But, there are many businesses that are perfect to start now.

And, in my opinion, Amazon is one of the best!

Amazon’s experiencing record sales. They’re hiring more people and building out their cargo fleet. Where other businesses struggle, Amazon’s doing better than it ever has before.

And that means the sellers on its platform have even more opportunities!


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