What would your life  be like if you could “upgrade your brain”…. And

  • Make better decisions with more confidence…
  • Have clarity on your goals and dreams -even amidst the chaos life can throw at us
  • Be mentally resilient so you can keep moving fast towards your goals – even in the face of huge challenges

Here’s the great news…

I am speaking at an event with ‘Upgrade your Brain’ specialist Jim Kwik this weekend, and I’d love you to join me.


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Here’s some quotes from Jim to get you thinking…

“If you are struggling to reach a goal in any area, you must first ask: Where is the limit? Most likely, you’re experiencing a limit in your mindset, motivation, or methods—which means that it’s not a personal shortcoming or failure pointing to any perceived lack of ability.”

“In a era of autonomously driven electric cars and vehicles capable of taking us to Mars, our education system is the equivalent of a horse and carriage.”

“Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.”

“Contrary to popular belief, like your mindset, motivation is not fixed. No one has a set level of motivation. And when people say they are unmotivated, it’s not completely true. They could have a high level of motivation to stay in bed and watch television.”

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