Already 18% of US workers are reporting having hours cut or jobs lost due to the Pandemic ‘lock down’.

And, the UK and Australia are sadly following that same trend, with big job losses being reported daily.

And, yet one Billionaire – the richest man in the world – is hiring 100,0000 workers.

Who am I talking about?

Jeff Bezos of course.


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That’s because during this Pandemic, there’s one area of the economy that’s absolutely booming.

Online shopping! No surprise really.

Amazon was already getting 200 million + unique visitors a month – I wouldn’t be surprised if this number doubled in the current situation.

And, if there’s one thing that this Pandemic is teaching us, is that it’s vital to have multiple sources of income.

That’s why I’m happy to tell you….

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Stay healthy & look after each other ahead in these challenging times.

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